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California State University, Long Beach
Marine Biology Student Association Banner

Marine Biology Student Association

Love the ocean? Majoring in Marine Biology at CSU Long Beach? Join the CSULB Marine Biology Student Association (MBSA)!

Our activities can be found on Facebook: CSULB Marine Biology Student Association. Please find and follow us there!

If you have specific questions or comments, please email our faculty advisor (Dr. Erika Holland,

Our mission is:

  1. To build sense of community between students, faculty, staff and professionals in the field of marine biology.
  2. To promote student participation in community service pertaining to marine related issues.
  3. To provide a greater insight into the nature of marine biology classes and in stimulating intellectual curiosity.
  4. To support, encourage, and provide opportunities to perform original academic research.
  5. To provide opportunities to educate individuals in both public and classroom environments on the topic of marine biology.