The following criteria are required to become an active member of Eta Sigma Phi:

1.      You must be an undergraduate who has completed at least one semester of Latin or Greek, having attained a letter grade of "B" or better. *

2.      You must pay a one-time due of $30.00, which bestows lifetime membership. In addition you will receive a membership card, a membership certificate, and a subscription to NUNTIUS, the official semiannual Eta Sigma Phi newsletter, during the remainder of your undergraduate years.

3.      You must fill out a form and send it into an officer with your payment, or submit it to the Department of Comparative Literature and Classics c/o Eta Sigma Phi. The form currently can be obtained from an officer or from the department. See the contact page for further information on the department location.
* Graduate/Post-Baccalaureate students may join as associate members for $5.00. There are additional charges for NUNTIUS subscriptions and membership certificates for associate members.

Contact Dr. Elaine Wida for more information about Eta Sigma Phi membership:


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