The Associated Business Students Organization Council (ABSOC) was established to guide and shape the students of CSULB into strong future business leaders.


Each year, ABSOC attracts and draws in numerous students to our professional events and workshops, implemented to further their knowledge of the business world. These events help provide the tools in developing prospective careers.


As the most prominent college council on campus, we are not only dedicated to business, but also sponsor to community service events, social events, and other extracurricular activities. Yet, serving not just as event sponsors, strategists, or attendees, the twelve organizations comprising ABSOC are some of the most highly motivated groups of individuals. The members of the different business organizations are both outstanding individuals and strong team players.

Within our unified framework, we envision tremendous opportunities in the years ahead for ABSOC in contributing to the development of some of America's most prominent business leaders.


By continually supporting, enriching, and steering one another in becoming successful, we will not only evolve as powerfully driven entities, but also embrace and demonstrate the concept of unity.

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