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Los Angeles' 100 Best Books -2001
(Outstanding preK-12 Literature - A Balanced Library Acquisition Program)


About the Book Selection Program
2000 List
Next List TBA in 2004
Picture Books
Large-Print, Early Reader Books
Emergent-Reader Transitional Books
Story Collection
000 - General Works / Computers
100 - Philosophy and Psychology
200 - Religions
300 - Social Sciences
398.2 - Folklore
400 - Languages
500 - Pure Sciences
600 - Applied Science and Technology
700 - Arts
800 - Literature
900 - Geography and History
920 - Biography - Autobiography

All these books were published in 2001.

Picture Books (15)

Ashman, Linda. Castles, Caves, and Honeycombs. Harcourt. R=Gr.1-2, I=Gr.PreK-3
Base, Graeme. The Waterhole.Abrams.R=Gr.2-3, I=Gr.K-A
Bruss, Deborah. Book! Book! Book! Levine. R=Gr.2-3, I=Gr.PreK-4
Calmenson, Stephanie. The Frog Principal. Scholastic. R=Gr.3-4, I=Gr.4-8
Daniels, Teri. Math Man. Orchard. R=Gr.3-4, I=Gr.3-5
Edwards, Pamela Duncan. Warthogs Paint. Hyperion. R=Gr.1-2, I=Gr.PreK-3
Johnston, Tony. Cat, What Is That? HarperCollins. R=Gr.4-5, I=Gr.3-A
Kimmel, Eric A. Pumpkinhead. Winslow. R=Gr.3-4, I=Gr.3-6
McKissack, Patricia C. Goin’ Someplace Special. Atheneum. R=Gr.3-4, I=Gr.2-5
Moss, Marissa. Brave Harriet. Silver Whistle. R=Gr.4-5, I=Gr.2-5
Polacco, Patricia. Mr. Lincoln’s Way. Philomel. R=Gr.4-5, I=Gr.2-7
Simont, Marc. Stray Dog. HarperCollins. R=Gr.2-3, I=Gr.PreK-2
Waldman, Neil. They Came From the Bronx. Boyds Mills. R=Gr.3-4, I=Gr.K-5
Ward, Helen. The Tin Forest. Dutton. R=Gr.2-3, I=Gr.2-A
Wiesner, David. The Three Pigs. Clarion. R=Gr.3-4, I=Gr.K-5


Large-Print, Early Reader Books (2)
(Fiction books with large print and limited vocabulary, hence useful for the early reader)

George, Kristine O’Connell. Book. Clarion. R=Gr.K-1, I=Gr.PreK-1
Parr, Todd. It’s Okay to Be Different. Little. R=Gr.1-2, I=Gr.PreK-3


Emergent-Reader Transitional Books (1)
(Fiction books with numerous pictures in which the text conveys meaning independent of the illustrations; useful for the newly-fluent reader as a transition to longer books)

McEwan, James. The Heart Of Cool. Simon. R=Gr.2-3, I=Gr.2-6

Fiction (14)
(Books of prose that may have some basis in fact but which are primarily a product of the author’s imagination)

Brashares, Ann. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Delacorte. R=Gr.6-7, I=Gr.10-12
Carbone, Elisa Lynn. Storm Warriors. Knopf. R=Gr.4-5, I=Gr.4-8
Creech, Sharon. Love That Dog. HarperCollins. R=Gr.3-4, I=Gr.4-8
Crutcher, Chris. Whale Talk. Greenwillow. R=Gr.8-9, I=Gr.9-12
Dai, Sijie. Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress. Knopf. R=Gr.7-8, I=Gr.9-A
Ferris, Jean. Of Sound Mind. Farrar.R=Gr.6-7, I=Gr.7-10
Geras, Adele. Troy. Harcourt. R=Gr.7-8, I=Gr.10-A
Hesse, Karen. Witness. Scholastic. R=Gr.5-6, I=Gr.7-9
Lewin, Waldtraut. Freedom Beyond the Sea. Delacorte. R=Gr.5-6, I=Gr.5-8
Mikaelsen, Ben. Touching Spirit Bear. HarperCollins. R=Gr.5-6, I=Gr.5-A
Olshan, Matthew. Finn. Bancroft Press. R=Gr.5-6, I=Gr.7-A
Park, Linda Sue. A Single Shard. Clarion. R=Gr.5-6,I=Gr.4-A
Rees, Celia. Witch Child. Candlewick. R=Gr.7-8, I=Gr.7-A
Tashjian, Janet. The Gospel According to Larry.Holt. R=Gr.6-7, I=Gr.7-A

Story Collection (1)
(A collection of fictional short stories by one or more authors)

Gallo, Donald R. On the Fringe. Dial. R=Gr.8-9, I=Gr.7-12

000 - General Works / Computers (1)

Appelt, Kathi. Down Cut Shin Creek. HarperCollins. R=Gr.5-6, I=Gr.5-8


100 - Philosophy and Psychology (1)

Sheindlin, Judy. You Can’t Judge a Book by Its Cover. Cliff Street. R=Gr.3-4, I=Gr.2-8


200 - Religions (2)

Hoyt-Goldsmith, Diane. Celebrating Ramadan.Holiday House. R=Gr.5-6, I=Gr.4-8
Sasso, Sandy Eisenberg. Cain and Abel. Jewish Lights. R=Gr.5-6, I=Gr.K-A


300 - Social Sciences (8)
Bode, Janet. For Better, For Worse. Simon. R=Gr.5-6, I=Gr.7-A
Friedlander, Mark P. When Objects Talk. Lerner. R=Gr.6-7, I=Gr.6-10
Geisert, Bonnie. Desert Town. Houghton. R=Gr.4-5, I=Gr.2-5
Hampton, Wilborn. Meltdown: A Race Against Nuclear Disaster at Three Mile Island: A Reporter’s Story. Candlewick. R=Gr.7-8, I=Gr.7-A
Jackson, Ellen B. The Summer Solstice. Millbrook. R=Gr.4-5, I=Gr.2-6
Kuklin, Susan. Trial. Holt. R=Gr.7-8, I=Gr.8-A
Portner, Jessica. One in Thirteen. Robbins Lane. R=Gr.6-7, I=Gr.7-A
Samuels, Allison. Christmas Soul. Jump at the Sun. R=Gr.3-4, I=Gr.3-A

398.2 - Folklore (4)

Garland, Sherry. Children of the Dragon. Harcourt. R=Gr.4-5, I=Gr.3-7
Gerson, Mary-Joan. Fiesta Femenina. Barefoot. R=Gr.5-6, I=Gr.5-12
Martin, Rafe. The Shark God. Levine. R=Gr.3-4, I=Gr.K-3
Zemach, Margot. Some from the Moon, Some from the Sun. Farrar. R=Gr.3-4, I=Gr.PreK-3


400 - Languages (1)

Cox, Paul. Abstract Alphabet. Chronicle.Wordless, I=Gr.4-A


500 - Pure Sciences (9)

Ehlert, Lois. Waiting for Wings. Harcourt. R=Gr.2-3, I=Gr.PreK-2
Falwell, Catheryn. Turtle Splash! Greenwillow. R=Gr.1-2, I=Gr.PreK-2
Goodall, Jane. The Chimpanzees I Love. Scholastic. R=Gr.5-6, I=Gr.4-8
Lasky, Kathryn. Interrupted Journey. Candlewick. R=Gr.5-6, I=Gr.1-7
Pringle, Laurence P. Global Warming. SeaStar. R=Gr.6-7, I=Gr.6-9
Schwartz, David M. Q Is for Quark. Tricycle. R=Gr.6-7, I=Gr.7-A
Simon, Seymour. Animals Nobody Loves. SeaStar. R=Gr.3-4, I=Gr.K-5
Singer, Marilyn. Tough Beginnings. Holt. R=Gr.3-4, I=Gr.PreK-5
Swanson, Diane. Nibbling on Einstein’s Brain. Annick. R=Gr.4-5, I=Gr.3-8


600 - Applied Science and Technology (7)

Bortz, Alfred B. Techno-Matter. Twenty-First Century. R=Gr.8-9, I=Gr.8-A
Curlee, Lynn. The Brooklyn Bridge. Atheneum. R=Gr.5-6, I=Gr.5-8
Haduch, Bill. Food Rules! Dutton. R=Gr.5-6, I=Gr.3-7
Hudson, Janice. Trauma Junkie. Firefly. R=Gr.7-8, I=Gr.9-A
McClafferty, Carla Killough. The Head Bone’s Connected to the Neck Bone. Farrar. R=Gr.5-6, I=Gr.4-9
Riggs, Stephanie. Never Sell Yourself Short.Whitman. R=Gr.4-5, I=Gr.3-7
Singh, Simon. The Code Book. Delacorte. R=Gr.7-8, I=Gr.7-A


700 - Arts (6)

Aaseng, Nathan. Wildshots. Millbrook. R=Gr.5-6, I=Gr.4-10
Boursin, Didier. Origami Paper Animals. Firefly. R=Gr.5-6, I=Gr.5-A
Cooper, Elisha. Dance! Greenwillow. R=Gr.4-5, I=Gr.3-8
Fritz, Jean. Leonardo’s Horse. Putnam. R=Gr.4-5, I=Gr.3-8
Rubin, Susan Goldman. The Yellow House. Abrams. R=Gr.3-4, I=Gr.2-7
Senisi, Ellen B. Berry Smudges and Leaf Prints. Dutton. R=Gr.3-4, I=Gr.3-6


800 - Literature (9)

George, Kristine O’Connell. Toasting Marshmallows. Clarion. R=Gr.3-4, I=Gr.3-7
Greenberg, Jan. Heart to Heart. Abrams. R=Gr.6-7, I=Gr.7-A
Janeczko, Paul B. Dirty Laundry Pile. HarperCollins. R=Gr.3-4, I=Gr.K-8
Janeczko, Paul B. A Poke in the I. Candlewick. R=Gr.4-5, I=Gr.K-A
Koertge, Ronald. The Brimstone Journals. Candlewick. R=Gr.5-6, I=Gr.7-10
Rochelle, Belinda. Words with Wings. HarperCollins. R=Gr.4-5, I=Gr.4-12
Rosen, Michael. Shakespeare. Candlewick. R=Gr.6-7, I=Gr.5-9
Smith, Charles R. Short Takes. Dutton. R=Gr.4-5, I=Gr.4-10
Stavens, Han. Wachale! Cricket. R=Gr.5-6, I=Gr.5-10


900 - Geography and History (10)

Alexander, Sue. Behold the Trees. Levine.R=Gr.4-5,I=Gr.5-8
Bartoletti, Susan Campbell. Black Potatoes. Houghton. R=Gr.5-6, I=Gr.5-A
Edwards, Pamela Duncan. Boston Tea Party. Putnam. R=Gr.3-4, I=Gr.2-5
Freedman, Russell. In the Days of the Vaqueros. Clarion. R=Gr.5-6, I=Gr.5-12
Greenfeld, Howard. After the Holocaust. Greenwillow. R=Gr.7-8, I=Gr.7-A
Hoose, Phillip M. We Were There Too! Farrar. R=Gr.5-6, I=Gr.5-12
Meltzer, Milton. Piracy & Plunder. Dutton. R=Gr.6-7, I=Gr.5-10
Pelta, Kathy. Rediscovering Easter Island. Lerner. R=Gr.6-7, I=Gr.7-12
Rumford, James. Traveling Man. Houghton. R=Gr.5-6, I=Gr.5-8
Sacco, Joe. Safe Area Gorazde. Fantagraphics. R=Gr.10-11, I=Gr.9-A


920 - Biography - Autobiography

Adler, David. B. Franklin, Printer. Holiday House. R=Gr.6-7, I=Gr.4-10
Blumberg, Rhoda. Shipwrecked! HarperCollins. R=Gr.3-4, I=Gr.5-8
Golenbock, Peter. Hank Aaron. Gulliver. R=Gr.3-4, I=Gr.K-5
Kerley, Barbara. The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins. Scholastic. R=Gr.3-4, I=Gr.3-7
Myers, Walter Dean. Bad Boy. HarperCollins. R=Gr.5-6, I=Gr.7-12
Paulson, Gary. Caught by the Sea. Delacorte. R=Gr.6-7, I=Gr.7-11
Rappaport, Doreen. Martin’s Big Words. Hyperion. R=Gr.3-4, I=Gr.PreK-9
Rubin, Susan Goldman. Steven Spielberg. Abrams. R=Gr.5-6, I=Gr.4-A
Warren, Andrea. Surviving Hitler. HarperCollins. R=Gr.6-7, I=Gr.5-9



This list (along with annotations, reading and interest levels, and curriculum connections for each title) is available in The Dragon Lode Spring 2003 (in press).

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