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Los Angeles' 100 Best Books - 1996
(Outstanding preK-12 Literature - A Balanced Library Acquisition Program)


About the Book Selection Program
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1997 List
Picture Books
Large-Print, Early Reader Books
Emergent-Reader Transitional Books
Story Collection
000 - General Works / Computers
100 - Philosophy and Psychology
200 - Religions
300 - Social Sciences
398.2 - Folklore
400 - Languages
500 - Pure Sciences
600 - Applied Science and Technology
700 - Arts
800 - Literature
900 - Geography and History
920 - Biography - Autobiography

All these books were published in 1996.

Picture Books (12)

Brown, Marc. Arthur Writes a Story. (Little)
Clements, Andres. Temple Cat.. Illustrated by Kate Kiesler. (Clarion)
Dionetti, Michelle. Painting the Wind. Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes. (Little)
Henkes, Kevin. Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse. (Greenwillow)
Hubbard, Patricia. My Crayons Talk. Illustrated by G. Brian Karas. (Holt)
Johnston, Tony. The Wagon. (Tambourine)
Meddaugh, Susan. Martha Blah Blah. (Houghton)
Pilkey, Dav. The Paperboy. (Orchard)
Schroeder, Alan. Minty. Illustrated by Jerry Pinkney. (Dial)
Silverman, Erica. Gittel’s Hands. Illustrated by Deborah Nourse Lattimore. (BridgeWater)
Sisulu, Elinor. The Day Gogo Went to Vote. Illustrated by Sharon Wilson. (Little)
Stevenson, James. Yard Sale. (Greenwillow)


Large-Print, Early Reader Books (1)
(Fiction books with large print and limited vocabulary, hence useful for the early reader)

Howard Arthur. When I Was Five. (Harcourt)


Emergent-Reader Transitional Books (1)
(Fiction books with numerous pictures in which the text conveys meaning independent of the illustrations; useful for the newly-fluent reader as a transition to longer books)

Kindley, Jeffrey. Choco-Louie. Illustrated by Ellen Joe Sasaki. (Bantam)


Fiction (12)
(Books of prose that may have some basis in fact but which are primarily a product of the author’s imagination)

DeFelice, Cynthia. The Apprenticeship of Lucas Whitaker. (Farrar)
Gilbert, Barbara. Stone Water. (Front Street)
Klass, David. Danger Zone. (Scholastic/Hardcover)
Knight, Eric. Lassie Come-Home. Illustrated by Jeffer. (Scholastic)
Konigsburg, E. L. The View from Saturday. (Atheneum)
Levy, Marilyn. Run for Your Life. (Houghton)
Lowry, Lois. See You Around, Sam! (Houghton)
McKelvey, Douglas. The Angel Knew Papa and the Dog. (Philomel)
Myers, Walter. Slam! (Scholastic)
Schroeder, Alan. Satchmo’s Blues. Illustrated by Floyd Cooper. (Doubleday)
Southgate, Martha. Another Way to Dance. (Delacorte)
Temple, Frances. The Bedouins’ Gazelle. (Orchard)


Story Collection (1)
(A collection of fictional short stories by one or more authors)

Asher, Sandy. But That’s Another Story. (Walker)


000 - General Works / Computers (1)

Multimedia, the Complete Guide. (Dorling Kindersley)


100 - Philosophy and Psychology (1)

Sherrow, Victoria. Bioethics and High-Tech Medicine. (21st Century Books)


200 - Religions (1)

Maestro, Betsy. The Story of Religion. Illustrated by Giulio Maestro. (Clarion)


300 - Social Sciences (9)

Atkin, S. Voices from the Streets. (Little)
Blumberg, Rhoda. Full Steam Ahead. (National Geographic Society)
Cha, Dia. Dia’s Story Cloth. (Lee & Low)
Chocolate, Deborah M. Kente Colors. Illustrated by John Ward. (Walker)
Cole, Carolyn. Shades of L.A. (New Press)
Jukes, Mavis. It’s a Girl Thing. Illustrated by Debbie Tilley. (Knopf)
Kroll, Steven. Pony Express! Illustrated by Dan Andreasen. (Scholastic/Hardcover)
Myers, Walter. One More River to Cross. (Harcourt)
Pascoe, Elaine. Mexico and the United States. (21st Century Books)


398.2 - Folklore (7)

Climo, Shirley. A Treasury of Princesses. (HarperCollins)
Delacre, Lulu. Golden Tales. Illustrated by author. (Scholastic)
Greene, Ellin. Ling-Li and the Phoenix Fairy. Illustrated by Zong-Zhou Wang. (Clarion)
Hamilton, Virginia. When Birds Could Talk & Bats Could Sing. Illustrated by Barry Moser. (Scholastic/Blue Sky)
Martin, Rafe. Mysterious Tales of Japan. Illustrated by Tatsuro Kiuchi. (Putnam)
Pollock, Penny. The Turkey Girl. Illustrated by Ed Young. (Little)
Wisniewski, David. Golem. Illustrated by author. (Clarion)


400 - Languages (1)

Shannon, George. Tomorrow’s Alphabet. Illustrated by Donald Crews. (Greenwillow)


500 - Pure Sciences (10)

Daling, Tara. How to Babysit an Orangutan (Walker)
Guiberson, Brenda. Into the Sea. Illustrated by Alix Berenzy. (Holt)
Jarrow, Gail. The Naked Mole-Rat Mystery. (Lerner)
Jenkins, Steve. Big and Little. Illustrated by author. (Houghton)
Lauber, Patricia. Hurricanes. (Scholastic)
McMillan, Bruce. Jelly Beans for Sale. Photographed by author. (Scholastic)
Ring, Elizabeth. What Rot! (Millbrook Press)
Sandved, Kjell. The Butterfly Alphabet. Photographs by author. (Scholastic/Hardcover)
Schlein, Miriam. The Puzzle of the Dinosaur-Bird. (Dial)
Wick, Walter. A Drop of Water. (Scholastic)


600 - Applied Science and Technology (8)

Bartoletti, Susan. Growing Up in Coal Country. (Houghton)
Ganeri, Anita. Inside the Body. (Dorling Kindersley)
Hall, Zoe. The Apple Pie Tree. Illustrated by Shari Halpern. (Scholastic/Blue Sky)
Kehret, Peg. Small Steps. (Whitman)
Krensky, Stephen. Breaking into Print. (Little)
Miles, John. The Ultimate Book of Cross-Sections. (Dorling Kindersley)
Simon, Seymour. The Heart, Our Circulatory System. (Morrow)
Snedden, Robert. Yuck! A Big Book of Little Horrors. (Simon)


700 - Arts (9)

Arnold, Caroline. Stories in Stone. Photographs by Richard Hewett. (Clarion)
Czech, Ken. Snapshot. (Lerner)
Dahl, Lucy. James and the Giant Peach. (Disney Press)
Goldstein, Ernest. The Journey of Diego Rivera. (Lerner)
Hahn, Don. Disney’s Animation Magic. (Disney Press)
Igus, Toyomi. Going Back Home. Illustrated by Michelle Wood. (Children’s Book Press)
Macy, Sue. Winning Ways. (Holt)
McGill, Ormond. Chalk Talks. Illustrated by Anne Green. (Millbrook Press)
Micklethwait, Lucy. A Child’s Book of Play in Art: Great Pictures, Great Fun. (Dorling Kindersley)


800 - Literature (8)

Dickinson, Emily. Poems for Youth. Illustrated by Thomas B. Allen. (Little)
Dyer, Jane. Animal Crackers. (Little)
Haskins, James. The Harlem Renaissance. (Millbrook Press)
Ho, Minfong. Hush! Illustrated by Holly Meade. (Orchard)
Merriam, Eve. The Inner City Mother Goose. Illustrated by David Diaz. (Simon)
Nye, Naomi. I Feel a Little Jumpy Around You. (Simon)
Prelutsky, Jack. A Pizza the Size of the Sun. Illustrated by James Stevenson. (Greenwillow)
Schertle, Alice. Keepers. Illustrated by Ted Rand. (Lothrop)


900 - Geography and History (10)

Jaffe, Steven. Who Were the Founding Fathers? (Holt)
Krupp, Robin. Let’s Go Traveling in Mexico. (Morrow)
Leiner, Katherine. First Children. (Tambourine)
MacMillan, Dianne. Missions of the Los Angeles Area (Lerner)
Onyefulu, Ifeoma. Ogbo. (Harcourt/Gulliver)
Presilla, Maricel. Mola. (Holt)
Ross, Jim. Dear Oklahoma City. (Walker)
Tunnell, Michael. The Children of Topaz. (Holiday House)
Waters, Kate. Tapenum’s Day. (Scholastic/Hardcover)
Yamane, Linda. Weaving a California Tradition. (Lerner)


920 - Biography - Autobiography

Brewster, Hugh. Anastasia’s Album. (Hyperion/Madison Press)
Cooney, Barbara. Eleanor. (Viking)
Fleischman, Sid. The Abracadabra Kid. (Greenwillow)
Freedman, Russell. The Life and Death of Crazy Horse. Illustrated by Amos Bad Heart Bull. (Holiday House)
Reef, Catherine. John Steinbeck. (Clarion)
Sis, Peter. Starry Messenger. (Farrar)
Standley, Diane. Leonardo Da Vinci. (Morrow)
Winnick, Karen. Mr. Lincoln’s Whiskers. (Boyds Mills Press)



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