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Getting Involved: A Listing of Opportunities

Receiving Information and Services
Financial and Moral Support
Sharing Ideas, Service, Influence

Receiving Information and Services

Subscribing to The Dragon Lode

• Subscribe to The Dragon Lode yourself
• Give gift subscriptions
• Encourage your local school and library to subscribe –– or give them a gift subscription

Note: It isn’t necessary to be a member to subscribe.
We want everyone to know about our outstanding journal
and the excellent information available through it!

• Use our lists of outstanding books:

Notable Books for a Global Society
Los Angeles’ 100 Best Books

• Read the books yourself and give them as gifts.
• Make sure that the books are in the schools and libraries near you. If they aren't, then...
• Organize a campaign to get them so more folks can enjoy these outstanding books!

Reprints of our annotated books lists are available.
You can also order seals to mark your books as special.


Financial and Moral Support

Membership in IRA CL/R SIG
If you are already a subscriber to The Dragon Lode, consider joining IRA to also become a member
Read about the Benefits of Membership if you need some reasons for writing that additional check!

• Ads in The Dragon Lode
Do you have a product or service which you’d like to advertise in our journal? Help yourself while simultaneously advertising your products through our ad space.

• Donations
Donations, which are tax deductible, are gratefully appreciated in any amount. Send a gift in honor of a loved one. Make checks (US currency, please) payable to IRA CL/R SIG and send to our treasurer.


Sharing Ideas, Service, Influence

Submit a Manuscript. Share your ideas and research with others.

Nominate a book for the Notable Books for a Global Society (NBGS) Award

Committee Work. Want to serve on a committee? Contact the president or nominations chair.

Networking. If you have an email address, are a member of IRA CL/R SIG, and want to network with others in your geographic area, contact the Network Coordinator in your area or the Webmanager.

Volunteer Initiatives. This organization works bottom-up as well as top-down! Find a need in your area which requires your talents and time availability –– then find a way to do something to make a constructive difference. Even a small act of service multiplied by many volunteers creates miracles! Contact us to let us know how you have helped develop literacy through children's literature and/or to share ideas of how we can synergize efforts.



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