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New FAQ Page and Service Available /April 27th, 2007

Long Beach, CA - The FAQ page has been added and includes questions that have been asked quite often. Also, we are providing a new service. Tutoring sessions can be scheduled with us to learn about computer/laptop maintenance, optimization and security. You'll never have to go to computer support services again.

Beachsort Advisor Provides Opportunities /March 14th, 2007

Long Beach, CA - Dr. Wayne Dick, Department Chair of Computer Science at Cal State Long Beach, announced to a group of current members of Beachsort Technologies and the EAT Society of the prospect of an opportunity studying at Torrance Memorial Hospital as part of a Computer Science course. Dr. Dick added that Torrance Memorial is looking for six students from the college to participate in this class, and that the results from this study will be made into a presentation for the entire college.

"[CSULB] already has a relationship with the Nursing program here," explained Dr. Dick, "so they already know [what we do here]." Since this is a class, there will be course credit upon completion, and is upper-division. "This course leans toward biomedical applications," Dr Dick said, answering questions from the students. "Graduate students can also apply for this course. There are two reasons why they do this study: they want to pick the very best students to forge relationships with, and up to this point, there have been no formal programs in this study, so this will be the first."

After the announcement, Beachsort president Yuushi Kotow debriefed the students on Beachsort's mission, the roles of the officers of the club, the goals, as well as the upcoming projects for the club. Kotow also added the points for prizes system which acts as an incentive for student members of Beachsort. Finally, Ouddom Serei, Administrative Assistant for the EAT Society, discussed his club, and offered suggestions on expediting the growth of Beachsort.

Students Wanted! /March 4th, 2007

Long Beach, CA - Beachsort has a number of projects in progress. We are currently looking for professional, technical-oriented students who can learn independently, and work in a team environment. This organization will definitely offer challenges, but are highly rewarding at the same time.

All CSULB undergraduate and graduate students are all welcome to join and make contributions to Beachsort. Visit our Membership page for more details.We value students who will be committed to accomplishing the goals of Beachsort Technologies.

Beachsort Website Officially Online /February 15th, 2007

This section explains the news of Beachsort Technologies. From events, projects, meetings, you name it, it will be in this news section. Be sure to keep up with the latest news of our organization.

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