Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What exactly does Beachsort do?

A. We are a consulting and service organization in the technological areas. Just to name a few: website development, database design, programming and analysis. On and off campus people come to us and discuss projects they would like to have done. We discuss best practices, and offer our services to implement such projects, if needed.

Q. As a member, how much time will I need to contribute to Beachsort?

A. We do spend a significant amount of time doing computer projects, discussing which technologies to implement a project, creating software requirements specifications, user interface documents, and so forth. This organization is definitely a challenge, but the experience and connections is simply outstanding.

Q. If I join Beachsort, will there be projects to do?

A. While we can't guarantee there will always be projects (who can?), it is the main goal of Beachsort to have a steady stream of useful, interesting projects to compliment your skill sets depending on what areas you're looking for.

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