About us

See what Beachsort can do, you'd be surprised.

Beachsort Technologies is a new CECS nonprofit-organization founded and led by graduate student, Yuushi Kotow and guided by CECS Professor Dr. Wayne Dick.

Beachsort aims to provide students real-world computer science and computer engineering projects in an environment similiar to IT (Information Technology) companies. Students will learn how businesses operate, have meetings, participate in highly useful projects and utilize Beachsort's development lab in VEC-514.

Our goals as an organization is to technically enhance CSULB and its community, while being a technological resource for those who are curious about this digital age we live in.

We believe our professionalism and dedication to help the community serves as a staple in our step to revolutionize (or at least try to revolutionize) every bit of technology we can get our hands on. Those involved in this organization definitely take this experience with them to the workplace which means more effective and productive work habits right out of the box, so to speak. This really is a great educational experience for everyone involved.

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