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Welcome to Beachsort Technologies!

We are a new computer and business organization that consist of tech savvy and professional-oriented students. We strive to enhance overall the CSULB community by creating opportunities for people to be technologically aware and safe.

Our students gain hands-on experience by working on various real-world computer projects, having great networking opportunities in social events, and build a better relationship with the Computer Engineering and Computer Science Department.

You'll find a plethora of information on our site. Our news section contains the latest news about what's going on with our organization. Look into what special events we have in store for the near future. Take a look into our portfolio in the projects section; or maybe you're in need of some computer services, definitely take a look.

Check out the rest of this site and contact us if you have any inquiries.

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Last Updated: 10/14/07

Latest News - FAQ and Service Added

Long Beach, CA - The FAQ page has been added and includes questions that have been asked quite often. Also, we are providing a new service...

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