Long Beach,
11:49 PM

General Order 55

Dear Friends,

I want to provide you with an update to ensure you remain informed on our actions related to the February 21 incident involving campus police that ultimately resulted in federal immigration enforcement officials deporting Mr. Jose Alvarez.

After this incident occurred, I engaged my executive team, with helpful input from concerned students, to review the incident and clarify and refine our police policy and practice were we to encounter the same kind of situation again.

This process resulted in Interim General Order 55. On April 27, we adopted Interim General Order 55 to provide guidance to our campus police officers. Under this order, campus police officers may arrest a foreign national with an undocumented status only if there is probable cause to believe he or she has violated a state law, a local ordinance, or a federal law unrelated to immigration laws for which a warrant has been issued by a judge. In other words, officers shall not stop or detain persons for determining immigration status or arrest persons solely for alleged undocumented entry into the United States.

Interim General Order 55 was shared with students and their feedback was positive. Therefore, I am pleased to announce that today I have directed Police Chief Fernando Solorzano to make this General Order 55 permanent. You can be certain this year’s graduation ceremonies will continue CSULB’s long-standing tradition of welcoming the family and friends of our graduating students, regardless of their status. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Vice President of Student Affairs, Carmen Taylor.

Now I can say to all of you that our campus policies match our aspirations. General Order 55 should reassure our Dreamers that Cal State Long Beach is behaving in ways that match their dreams.


Jane Close Conoley, Ph.D.