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All those who share interest in our areas of concern are cordially invited to become members of the IRA Literacy and Social Responsibility SIG. It's free -- all we need is your IRA membership number!

Members must

  • be a member in good standing of the International Reading Association (IRA) and

  • submit your IRA membership number to our Secretary, Beth Breneman along with notification of your interest in becoming a member of this SIG, OR, copy membership flyer and follow instructions on it (brochure requires Acrobat Reader).

If you are not currently a member of IRA, but you wish to become one, consult the IRA website(or download a flyer) for details on how to join.



Read Our Publications

In addition to perusing our website (note major links in left banner as well as at the top of many of our sub-pages),

• read our e-Journal (note our contents listings to help find articles/authors of interest) and/or

• keep up with the latest information about our group via our newsletters.

Join Our Listserve

Send and receive messages to others via electronic mail by becoming a part of our listserve, maintained by our Communications Chair, Dr. Rebekah Kelleher. Send your request to join to literacy.social.responsibility@gmail.com.


Join Us on Facebook

Our previous Communications Chair, Dr. Ernie Bond from Salisbury University, set up a site specifically for our LSR SIG, although it is an open site. Go to www.facebook.com and search for Literacy.Responsibility (or go directly to http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001803764742).

Not sure how to join Facebook? It's easy... just go to the website above and follow the instructions. You'll need an email address and a password.

Log on, check it out, and add your own comments and connections. It's lots of fun!


Contact Our Leadership

Our leaders are interested in your involvement and ideas and welcome you to contact them.


Meet with Us at IRA

Come to our SIG presentation at the annual IRA convention

Attend our business meeting

Greet us at the SIG booth

Socialize with us over a meal arranged by one of our members (details at our session or business meeting)

Other Suggestions for Involvement

Write an article for our electronic journal

Nominate students for our Literacy and Service Recognition Award

Nominate books for our Literacy & Social Responsibility Book Award

Network to establish linkages with other professional and civic-minded groups; tell us about your efforts (use our Listserve or our Facebook page or notify one of our leaders)

Publicize our SIG at conferences which you attend, in various publications, and through flyers

Write a description of a project you have created/participated in which resulted in both literacy and social/civic learning and email it to our website manager

Submit items for our compilation of resources related to social responsibility and literacy

Find a restaurant where SIG presenters and members at an IRA convention can meet for dinner before or after our program session

Notify an officer of your interest in future service on our leadership team (program chair, treasurer, membership chair, member of the board of directors) or to suggest other ways you can collaborate


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