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EBMJG Children's Literature

We invite you to explore the educational opportunities at the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden. We welcome your comments to jgcoordinators@csulb.edu.

Tales from the Bamboo Grove
By: Yoko Kawashima Watkins
ISBN: 978-0027925258

Tea with Milk
By: Allen Say
ISBN: 978-0547237473


A to Zen
By: Ruth Wells & Yoshi
ISBN: 978-0887081750

Lily and the Wooden Bowl
By: Alan Schroeder
ISBN: 978-0440412946


Ten Oni Drummers
By: Matthew Gollub
ISBN: 978-1584300113

The Adventures of the
One Inch Boy

By: Essei Okawa
ISBN: 978-0893462581


Urashima and the Kingdom
Beneath the Sea

By: Ralph F. McCarthy
ISBN: 978-4770021007

Japanese Children’s Favorite

By: Florence Sakade
ISBN: 978-4805312605


The Sea of Gold and Other
Tales from Japan

By: Yoshiko Uchida
ISBN: 978-0839826132

The Girl Who Loved

By: Jean Merrill
ISBN: 978-0399218712


Lady Kaguya’s Secret
By: Jirina Marton
ISBN: 978-1550374414

The Tale of the
Mandarin Ducks

By: Katherine Paterson
ISBN: 978-0140557398


The Sparrows’ Inn
By: Ralph F. McCarthy
ISBN: 978-4770018496

If I Lived In Japan…
By: Rosanne Knorr
ISBN: 978-1563522369


Mysterious Tales of Japan
By: Rafe Martin
ISBN: 978-0399226779

Sayonara Mrs. Kackleman
By: Maria Kalman
ISBN: 978-0670829453


Grass Sandals:
The Travels of Basho

By: Dawnine Spivak
ISBN: 978-1442409361

The Origami Master
By: Nathaniel Lachenmeyer
ISBN: 978-0807561348


The Boy Who Drew Cats
By: Arthur A. Levine
ISBN: 978-0803711723

Zen Shorts
By: Jon J. Muth
ISBN: 978-0439339117


Urashima Taro and Other Japanese Children’s Stories
By: Florence Sakade
ISBN: 978-0804806091

The Loyal Cat
By: Lensey Namioka
ISBN: 978-0152000929


The Boy Who Drew Cats
By: Omri Glaser
ISBN: 978-0810941373

Cool Melons – Turn to Frogs!
The Life and Poems of Issa

By: Matthew Gollub
ISBN: 978-1584302414