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Vol 57 No. 8 : April 2005
Vol 57 No. 8 | Apr. 2005


Lloyd Hile, Chemical Engineering, presented a paper titled "Overcoming 'Fuzzy Logic' in the Minds of Chemical Engineers" at the 2005 Pacific Southwest Regional Conference of the American Society of Engineering Education. This "Vision of Engineering @ 2020" conference was held April 7-8 at Loyola Marymount University.  

Lesley Farmer, Educational Psychology, Administration and Counseling, saw two new books published recently – Digital Inclusion, Teens, and Your Library: Exploring the Issues and Acting on Them and Technology-Infused Instruction for the Educational Community: A Guide for School Library Specialists

Tom Sy, Management/Human Resource Management, saw the publication of an article titled “The Contagious Leader: Impact of the Leader's Mood on the Mood of Group Members, Group Affective Tone, and Group Processes” in the March issue of the Journal of Applied Psychology. It examined the effects of leaders' mood on the moods of individual group members, the affective tone of groups and three group processes: coordination, effort expenditure and task strategy. Sy also published in the March issue of the Human Resource Planning Journal an article titled “Challenges and Strategies of Matrix Organizations: Top-Level and Mid-Level Managers' Perspectives.” In addition, he conducted a study on the challenges and best practices of the matrix that consisted of surveys, interviews and workshops with 294 top-level and mid-level managers from seven major multinational corporations in six industries.

Book Review

Measurement Theory in Action: Case Studies and ExercisesHot Popsicles

Charles Harper Webb, English

By winning the University of Wisconsin's prestigious Felix Pollak Prize in Poetry for his book Liver (1999), Charles Harper Webb became eligible to publish in the UW Press Poetry Series. The result is his new collection of 50 prose poems, Hot Popsicles.

“The book tells accessible stories that are often funny, but also carry a fair amount of darkness and, I hope, psychological depth,” Webb said. He writes, in the title poem, “He loves roaring down oak-canopied streets, his truck clanging 'Night on Bald Mountain' as he shrieks 'Hot popsicles!' and the kids who've surged out of their houses, waving Mom's limp dollar bills, stampede back inside, wailing.” This book is in the tradition of Webb's Stand Up Poetry: An Expanded Anthology: poems, which are accessible enough for general readers, but complex enough to challenge literary professionals.

“These poems go over well in performance,” he said. “They can be surrealistic and strange, but people seem to relate. There's laughter, but there's pathos too, and psychological insight.”

Webb is a licensed psychotherapist and worked as a professional singer and guitarist for many years. He earned his MFA in professional writing and his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from USC, as well as an M.A. from the University of Washington and a bachelor's degree from Rice University. He joined the university in 1984.

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