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Vol 57 No. 18 : November, 2005
Vol 57 No. 18 | October 28, 2005
Overseas Resident Director Positions

Do you want to be a resident director overseas for an academic year? The California State University Resident Director's Program provides the opportunity for qualified faculty to do just that in China, France, Israel (subject to program reinstatement), Italy, Japan, Mexico or Spain.

To be eligible, you must be a tenured or tenure-track faculty in a full-time teaching or administrative position (FERP faculty are not eligible), have the appropriate degree for the candidate's position, appropriate overseas experience and appropriate foreign language skills.

Full-time resident directors receive their current salaries on a 12-month, or academic year scale, plus approximately 10 percent differential for overseas location. The differential is designed to compensate for special expenses associated with overseas service.

Applications are due no later than Thursday, Dec. 1. For an application or more information, contact International Program representative and professor Raul Reis at In addition, you may visit the IP Web site.


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