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Heard Named Employee Of The Month

Published: September 5, 2017

Ronnie Heard, a service engineer with 38 years of service to the university, was recently named by his peers in facilities management as employee of the month.

Heard, who joined CSULB in 1979 as a helper aide in plant operations, was recognized in a special ceremony held near the University Student Union that saw Friendship Walk renamed for the month as Ronnie Heard Lane.

CSULB President Jane Close Conoley applauded Heard’s recognition.

“He has certainly seen quite a few changes in his 38 years here at The Beach,” she said. “Ronnie has held several positions in facilities management, moving up the ranks to his current classification of Building Service Engineer. Ronnie takes great pride in his work and has an excellent relationship with his peers, supervisor and staff members throughout campus. When his co-workers are asked about Ronnie, they mention he always has a smile, is a great person to work with and is a great three-point shooter.”

Heard felt honored by his recognition.

“I feel good about it,” he said. “It is especially great coming after 38 years at the university. Of course, I don’t think I deserve it because there are so many great people where I work.”

One of Heard’s earliest responsibilities was protecting campus wiring from the occasional heavy rain. The job was not without its risks.

“If rain connected with electrical wiring and created a short, sometimes manhole covers would blow up,” he recalled. “Some would go as high as a building. One came down by the MHB and stuck in the ground.”

Crawling into places at CSULB where few have been is part of his job.

“Some people don’t even know these places are there,” he said. “It’s been a blast seeing the campus grow. I’ve been to a lot of places in a lot of buildings. When you think you’ve been in all the places on campus, you haven’t. I don’t care how long you’ve been here; there is always somewhere you haven’t been yet.”

Heard enjoys working in facilities management.

“I’ve met a lot of good people throughout the years,” he said. “It’s important to keep a smile on your face and remember we are here by the grace of God and it is up to us to make the best of it that we can.”

Ronnie Heard
Ronnie Heard

Heard is an active member of his local church.

“There are so many things unfolding right before us that we can read about in the Bible every day,” he said. “We are dealing with things now that we were dealing with BC. But it is important to give back to the community and help those in need.”

When he isn’t working hard to maintain CSULB, Heard enjoys playing with his grandchildren and joining his wife Beverly to watch their three professional jazz musician sons open for Faith Evans the month.

Heard received several gifts including a CSULB sweatshirt, a $25 gift certificate to California Pizza Kitchen, a gift certificate for one pound of See’s Candies and a $25 gift certificate to Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que.