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2017 Service Awards

Published: August 7, 2017


40 Years of Service

Service Awards
Sandra Raquel (University Library) and Greg Bunton (College of Health and Human Services).

35 Years of Service

Service Awards
Jeane Relleve Caveness (Division of Student Affairs), Gregory Mars (College of Health and Human Services) and Sherry Pawneshing (Physical Planning and Facilities Management).

Not pictured are Jim Cullingham (College of Health and Human Services), Denise DeGrazia (College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics), Shayne Schroeder (University Relations and Development), Jon Simmons (49er Shops, Inc.) and Debbie Drumheller (Academic Resources and Strategic Planning).

30 Years of Service

Service Awards

Brian M. Nowlin (CSULB Research Foundation), Bob Hostetler (College of Liberal Arts), Susan Kohn (Student Health Services), Nancy J. Walker (Enrollment Services), Cruz Manuel Gil (49er Shops, Inc.), Sally E. Schliesmayer (CSULB Research Foundation), Miguel Alcantara (49er Shops, Inc.), Martin Duran (49er Shops, Inc.) and Benito Benasfre (49er Shops, Inc.).

Not pictured are Gilberto Diaz (49er Shops, Inc.), Jose A. Hernandez (Physical Planning and Facilities Management), Mary Ann Solic (University Library) and Henry Y. Wu (College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics).

25 Years of Service

Service Awards
Michelle Farragher (Information Technology Services), Dana R. Hooten (Undergraduate Studies and Academic Advising) and Lee Eames (Student Health Services).

Not pictured are Jose S. Mendez (College of Engineering), Estela Montiel (Undergraduate Studies and Academic Advising), Craig Walker (CSULB Research Foundation) and Mary Walker (Office of Research and Sponsored Programs).

20 Years of Service

Service Awards

Sandra Shirley (Undergraduate Studies and Academic Advising), Laurie Angel (Information Technology Services), Jill Mather (Carpenter Performing Arts Center), Melody Nielsen (College of Education), Ghulamhaider Cassim (College of Business Administration), Gregory Pascal (University Police), Yvette Castano (CSULB Research Foundation), Carl Fulbright (Enrollment Services), Marco Vazquez (49er Shops, Inc.), Eugene Wohlgezogen (University Services) and Jean Walker (Physical Planning and Facilities Management).

Not pictured are Denis Arsenault (College of Continuing and Professional Education), Elson Browne (Division of Student Affairs), Cristina Carbajal (Financial Management), Derrick Che (Physical Planning and Facilities Management), Gracie Cole (University Police), Kathryn Havey (Carpenter Performing Arts Center), Monica Malin (CSULB Research Foundation), Walter Martinez (Physical Planning and Facilities Management), Robert Oyama (Information Technology Services) Atelaite Pale (University Police), Jesse Ramirez (Division of Student Affairs), Andrew Redmayne (College of Health and Human Services), Yash Singh (College of Engineering) and John Young (Office of Research and Sponsored Programs).

15 Years of Service

Service Awards

Xiao Zhou (Division of Student Affairs), Margie Ramirez (49er Shops, Inc.), Debbie Bernal (Student Health Services), Aysu Spruill (University Services), Myrleane Tamayo (Financial Management), Maria Bajo (University Services), Melinda Smith (College of Business Administration), Jina Flores (Division of Student Affairs), Dora Apodaca (College of Education), Raquel Hicks (Enrollment Services), Luan Tinoco (Information Technology Services), Judith Green (CSULB Research Foundation), Susan Elliott (CSULB Research Foundation), Carol Menard (Division of Student Affairs), Saba Yohannes-Reda (College of Engineering), Byron Merlos (Enrollment Services), Victor Munoz (Enrollment Services), Michael Carbuto (Student Health Services), Marshall Thomas (Division of Student Affairs), Kristie Horning (University Police), Isabel Banuelos (Information Technology Services), Gregory Hosilyk (College of Liberal Arts), Kristin Bonetati (49er Shops, Inc.), Arthur Medina (Division of Student Affairs), Pita Taase (Financial Management) and Kenneth Kelly (Division of Student Affairs).

Not pictured are George Alfaro (Physical Planning and Facilities Management), Christopher Budzak (Information Technology Services), Keith Caires (University Police), Cecilia Calderon (College of Continuing and Professional Education), Lethia Cobbs (Division of Student Affairs), Stefanie Giron (College of Continuing and Professional Education), Andrea Graham (Office of the President), Antonio Gutierrez (49er Shops, Inc.), Manuel Guzman (Division of Student Affairs), Andrea Harris Perez (Enrollment Services), Chuck Hulsey (CSULB Research Foundation), Mary Jones (College of Continuing and Professional Education), David Kersteter (Physical Planning and Facilities Management), Linda Kohlenberg (CSULB Research Foundation), Johnny Leyva (University Police), Catherine Light (Faculty Affairs), Antonio Maciel (University Police), Mark McLaughlin (College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics), Janice Miller (Enrollment Services), Lisa Montague (College of Health and Human Services), Edgar Nagtalon (49er Shops, Inc.), Tami Nettmann (Human Resources Management), Tam Nguyen (Academic Technology Services), Stewart Ohanesian (Associated Students, Inc.), Humberto Pelcastre (Physical Planning and Facilities Management), Tanisha Peoples (Learning Alliance), Alison Redfoot (University Relations and Development), Matthew Reimers (College of Continuing and Professional Education), Darren Rogholt (College of the Arts), Jon Root (Physical Planning and Facilities Management), Norizah Sharif (Academic Planning and Graduate Studies), Jacqueline Southern (College of Liberal Arts), Ignacio Terrazas (49er Shops, Inc.), Peter Thompson (Enrollment Services), Henry Van (Human Resources Management), Francisco Villa Espinoza (Physical Planning and Facilities Management) and Julie Woods (College of the Arts).

10 Years of Service

Service Awards

Hector Arreola (College of Liberal Arts), Carol Philipp (College of Liberal Arts), Annabelle Siongco (Financial Management), Betty Fujikawa (Financial Management), Kwang Huh (Enrollment Services), Sandhya Prakash (Enrollment Services), Christina Goldpaint (Student Health Services), Carmen Arreola (Academic Planning and Graduate Studies), Nancy Comito (College of Liberal Arts), Georgette Bradley (CSULB Research Foundation), John Ciulik (College of Health and Human Services), Amber Medvedovskaya (University Library), Kristy Trinh (College of Business Administration), Jennifer Osborne (College of Business Administration), Zion Smith (Division of Student Affairs), Wayne Tokunaga (Division of Student Affairs), Brett Corey (Enrollment Services), Jenniffer Castaneda (Enrollment Services), Nazareth Lijiam (Office of Research and Sponsored Programs), Oneida Santana (Division of Student Affairs), Tina Sutera (Division of Student Affairs), Loreto Careaga (Division of Student Affairs), Sherice Sanford (Student Health Services), Pamela Rayburn (Division of Student Affairs), Adelino Acosta (Enrollment Services), Erandy Guerrero (Enrollment Services), De Andre Greene (Enrollment Services), Meghan Griffith (Enrollment Services), John Nguyen (Division of Student Affairs), Patricia Laurrell (Carpenter Performing Arts Center) and Madeline Maddan (Enrollment Services).

Not pictured are Mohamed Abouchcharif (Physical Planning and Facilities Management), Chanel Acker (College of the Arts), Sonia Acosta (Division of Student Affairs), Clara Alvarez (Division of Student Affairs), Gabriele Anton (College of Liberal Arts), Mathew Arellanes (Financial Management), Marina Bendersky (College of Health and Human Services), Kevin Bullock (College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics), Angelette Burgos (University Relations and Development), Jorge Calderon (Physical Planning and Facilities Management), Seyha Chea (College of Health and Human Services), Kathleen Clark (Student Health Services), Kevin Crowe (University Relations and Development), Yvonne Damon (College of Continuing and Professional Education), Timothy Deckard (Physical Planning and Facilities Management), Dan Durke (College of Continuing and Professional Education), Hillary Edwards (CSULB Research Foundation), Herminio Espinoza (University Library), Carmen Flores (CSULB Research Foundation), Norma Franco de Castro (Physical Planning and Facilities Management), Ernice Giles (Enrollment Services), Raul Gutierrez (Physical Planning and Facilities Management), Miguel Guzman (Financial Management), Maryanne Horton (University Relations and Development), Daniel Houp (Physical Planning and Facilities Management), Chanthy Hum (College of Liberal Arts), Neil Iacono (Human Resources Development), James Jolly (Undergraduate Studies and Academic Advising), Patrick Joyce (49er Shops, Inc.), Timothy Kalliomaa (College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics), Karen Kerr (Human Resources Management), Donato Leon (Physical Planning and Facilities Management), Angeli Logan (College of Continuing and Professional Education), Douglas Longbrake (Physical Planning and Facilities Management), Anayatzin Lopez (Division of Student Affairs), Gabrielle Lopez (Physical Planning and Facilities Management), Lina Lopez (CSULB Research Foundation), Michael Losquadro (University Relations and Development), Juana Luna Maldonado (Division of Student Affairs), Jennifer Luarca (Undergraduate Studies and Academic Advising), Rachel Maciel (Student Health Services), Vu Mai (Division of Student Affairs), Jennifer Moran (University Relations and Development), Robert Moushon (Academic Technology Services) Vergel Munoz (University Police), Sonia Munoz-Duran (Undergraduate Studies and Academic Advising), Karen Nakai (Office of the President), Jessica Olague (College of Education), Maria Organista (Division of Student Affairs), Fernando Perez (Student Health Services), Luis Perez (Academic Technology Services), Kara Perkins (CSULB Research Foundation), Jeanine Pociask (College of Business Administration), Diandra Porter (Undergraduate Studies and Academic Advising), Carol Ramirez (College of Education), Rae Ramos (Financial Management), Letosha Reyna (CSULB Research Foundation), Andrew Robinson (49er Shops, Inc.), Francisco Romero (Academic Technology Services), Christina Salvador (University Relations and Development), Victor Sevillano (49er Shops, Inc.), Kerri Sorenson (Information Technology Services), Andrea Taylor (University Relations and Development), Randall Todd (Physical Planning and Facilities Management), Steven Traurig (Physical Planning and Facilities Management), Maria Vargas (Physical Planning and Facilities Management), Nadia Vargo (Academic Technology Services), Mark Vela (College of Health and Human Services), Joseph Wardell (College of Engineering) and Jenny Wong Lew (49er Shops, Inc.).