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Ukleja Center Announces Awards

Published: June 5, 2017

Louise Ukleja and Kathleen Lacey (far left) celebrating with Ukleja Center’s Ethics Across the Curriculum awardees.

The Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership at CSULB provides students from majors as diverse as food science, mathematics and statistics, hospitality management, and speech-language pathology with essential ethical decision-making tools before entering the workforce.

Through one of its key initiatives, Ethics Across the Curriculum, the Ukleja Center offers $3,000 stipends to faculty who integrate a three-hour ethics module into their courses. In addition, the center has recently begun offering $5,000 faculty stipends for original ethics research.

The 14 faculty members receiving 2016-17 pedagogical stipends are:

Rachel Blaine for Ethical Considerations for Future Registered Dietitian Nutritionists

Maria Claver for Ethical Considerations Regarding End-of-Life Issues

Nat Hansuvadha for Shaping Special Education Teachers’ Mindsets: Ethical Decision-Making for Students with Disabilities

Heloiza Herscovitz for Ethics in Literary Journalism

Pei-Fang Hung for the Ethical Decision-Making Process in Speech-Language Pathology in Health Care Settings

Andrea Johnson for Students Creating an Ethical Learning Environment in a Mathematics Classroom

Jeff Kress for Ethical Issues in Sports

Jung Mee Mun for Ethics in Fashion Product Development: Socially Responsible Design

Danny Paskin for Ethics in Social Media: An Online Primer for Students

Amy Cabrera Rasmussen for Putting Your Knowledge to Work: Ethics, Research, and Political Science Careers

Cheryl Rock for Ethical Ramifications of Counterfeit Food and Food Fraud

E. Gerrie Schipske for Ethical Dilemmas of Human Resources Management Relative to the Process of Recruiting, Selecting, Training and Retaining Employees

Cory Wright for Ethical Reasoning in Philosophy and Film

Yun Yin Zhong for Human Exploitation: Ethical Dilemmas in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

This year’s ethics research stipend recipients are:

Niloofar Bavarian for Pharmacological Cognitive Enhancement: Examining the Ethical Principles Guiding College Students’ Abstention

Gwen Shaffer for How Mobile Phone Surveillance Contributes to Digital Inequalities for Disadvantaged Urban Residents

By selecting recipients from four colleges–Education, Health and Human Services, Liberal Arts, and Natural Sciences and Mathematics–the Ukleja Center enhances the integration of ethics across the campus.

Faculty received their awards at a campus luncheon attended by President Jane Close Conoley, deans Shireen Pavri and Michael Solt, and associate deans Dan O’Connor and Kris Slowinski. Also attending were the center’s directors, Jane Roeder, Kathleen Lacey and Brenda Freshman, as well as governing council chair, Louise Ukleja.

More than 75 Ethics Across the Curriculum and Faculty Ethics Research stipends have been granted by the Ukleja Center since 2005. All CSULB colleges and disciplines are invited to participate and lecturers, as well as tenured faculty, are encouraged to apply. The application deadline for 2017-18 proposals is Friday, Nov. 3.

About the Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership
The Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership offers training to enhance the integration of ethics in everything we do. It focuses on a three-pronged approach to applied ethics–education, university research, and community engagement–to equip people with the transformational power of ethical leadership.

–Jane Roeder