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PCSW Seeking Nominations

Published: March 20, 2017

The CSULB President’s Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW) is seeking nominations by Wednesday, April 5, from the campus community for the following awards:

The Advancement of Women Award: The commission will honor members of the campus community who actively contribute to the advancement of women through their scholarship, teaching, campus service, and/or community service. All women and men who are members of the campus community are eligible for the award.

The Honoring Community Organizations and their Campus Partners Award: PCSW also honors community-based organizations that—in their collaborative efforts with CSULB—have demonstrated a commitment to the advancement of women.

Nominations may be submitted by the same person for different categories. Confirmation of receipt will be provided within two business days. If application is not acknowledged as received, please contact Mary Anne Rose at 562-985-4547. Selected nominees will be recognized at the Women’s Research Colloquium on Thursday, April 13.

The PCSW serves the campus community through initiating, advocating, and implementing action that addresses the concerns of CSULB women students, faculty, staff and administrators.

More information and nomination forms for each award can be found on the PCSW website.