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Laurels: March 2017

Published: March 6, 2017

Maulana Karenga, Africana Studies, gave a series of pre-Kwanzaa lectures to mark the 50th anniversary of the Pan-African global holiday Kwanzaa under the selected annual theme of “Kwanzaa, the Nguzo Saba and Our Constant Striving: Repairing, Renewing and Remaking Our World” at Savannah State University, Nov. 17; the Toledo Kwanzaa House via skype, Dec. 2; and the Charles Wright Museum of African American History, Detroit, Dec. 10. In addition, he gave a one-on-one interview on “Critical Issues Confronting the African World and the US in Changed and Changing Circumstances,” the Imhotep Gary Byrd show, “The Global Black Experience,” WBAI Radio 99.5, New York city. He delivered a lecture titled “Multicultural Unity, Education and Struggle: Some Essential Principles and Practices” to the Latino Education and Advocacy Days Conference, “Summit VII on Black, Brown and Indigenous Unity,” at UC San Bernardino on March 20. Karenga gave a lecture via skype at the 30th Annual Cheikh Anta Diop Conference on “Diop, Serudj-Ta and Remaking the World: Exploring the Option of Maatian Ethics” to the Department of Africana Studies at Philadelphia’s Temple University on Oct. 21. Finally, Karenga gave a keynote plenary address at the State of the Black World Conference IV, on “It’s Nation Time Again: Reaffirmation, Reparations and Resistance” held at the Institute of the Black World 21st Century, Newark, NJ, on Nov. 19. He conducted a seminar on “Kwanza, Culture and the Nguzo Saba: A Half Century of Sankofa and Righteous and Relentless Resistance” at the 39th Annual National Kawaida Seminar in Social Theory and Practice held at the Kawaida Institute of Pan-African Studies in Los Angeles on July 24-30.

Natalie Sartin, Africana Studies, presented a paper titled “Lifting as We Climb: The Relevance of the Critical Methods of the Late 19th Century African-American Woman Educator-Activist to the Educator Today” and a workshop around the paper at the Umoja XII Conference titled “Starting with Your Why: A Foundation for Student Success“ in Los Angeles on Nov. 4.

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