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Som Selected As EOM

Published: November 14, 2016

Joe Som, a division analyst/programmer in Student Affairs, was recently named employee of the month by his coworkers. Friendship Walk near the University Student Union was renamed Joe Som Lane for the month.

CSULB President Jane Close Conoley praised Som’s selection. “His co-workers have noted that Joe is relentless in finding tools to better the division in support of our students,” she said. “He is always going the extra mile to find innovative ways to make jobs more productive and simplified. He is a highly respected technical expert within our campus community by staff, faculty and his peers. Joe always has a smile on his face and a helping hand ready.”

Som was surprised and pleased to be named employee of the month and feels one reason for his distinction is the quality of his division technical team. “I see this as an honor to the division of Student Affairs as a whole than it is to me as an individual,” he said.

“Our Student Affairs technical staff and student assistants are great,” he explained. “We share ideas, express concerns and in a collaborative effort, develop solutions.” As a division analyst/programmer, Som’s responsibilities include looking for innovative solutions to make Student Affairs more efficient and accessible while following computing and security standards.

Som’s days start busy and stay that way. His daily duties include the management and maintenance of all computing equipment and services for Student Affairs.

It is up to Som and his team to make sure every department and program in Student Affairs has its computer systems online and available.
“I want to make sure our staff can access all their documents, emails and department specific applications,” he said. “My team and I respond to any technical issues and/or requests.”

Since joining the university in 2005 from his previous position with IBM, he is glad he made the choice of CSULB. “I’m glad I work in Student Affairs,” he said. “I enjoy being in a division that provides many programs and services to students.

“I’m also careful to listen to our division staff and student assistants,” he added. “They provide feedback and suggestions which helps me to discover what our team can improve. I am glad to be in a division where I can provide assistance to our staff so they can better serve our students.”

Collaborations with other departments and programs is one of the things Som enjoys about his job.

“I enjoy being part of the collaboration between the different programs and services in Student Affairs and also other areas outside of the division,” he said.

Potrait of Joe Som
Joe Som

“It all comes back to the same thing–how can we make, deliver or increase the accessibility of the Division of Student Affairs?” he added. “How can I help make this division more efficient? I try to remember that I am providing support to our division staff who’s serving an ever-changing group of students.”

Som is glad he chose CSULB.

“I’d recommend it to others as a place to work and build a career,” he said. “It is a very healthy environment. It has been very rewarding to work here. I have enjoyed being part of many projects in development and seeing them grow.”

Som received several gifts including a CSULB sweatshirt, a $25 gift card to Stonefire Grill, a $5 gift card for Coffee Bean and Teal Life and a $5 gift card for In-N-Out.