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5K Run To Remember Peggy Moyer

Published: October 17, 2016

The passing of longtime Physical Therapy Department faculty member Peggy Moyer will be remembered on Saturday, Oct. 22, when the Peggy Moyer Memorial 5K Run/walk will be held beginning at 8 a.m. outside the College of Business Administration and will follow a scenic route that cuts through the CSULB campus.

Moyer passed away this past August after an almost 10-year battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

“She was a faculty member in the CSULB Department of Physical Therapy for 31 years and led the anatomy curriculum,” explained Physical Therapy Student Association (PTSA) President Matthew Downey, who earned his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from CSULB in 2014 and is on his way to a doctorate of physical therapy in 2017.

“Peggy was known for pushing her students beyond the books and has had a profound impact on students’ ability to think critically, apply their knowledge clinically and rise to new challenges,” he added. “In addition to teaching the anatomy curriculum, Peggy taught students the true meaning of compassion. Outside of the classroom, Peggy rescued farm animals and cared for them when they had no other option.”

All proceeds from the event will be used to help raise funds for the endowment to name the Physical Therapy Department’s new anatomy lab the “Peggy Moyer Anatomy Lab”. There is no registration fee to participate but each participant is encouraged to donate $15.

“We thought this 5K Run/Walk would make a good rallying point to bring together Physical Therapy alumni and students with the local community,” he said. “Plus, October is National Physical Therapy month and we thought this would be a good way to promote our discipline as well as a useful campus activity. It is a way of getting people moving for Peggy Moyer.”

The 5K run represents the PTSA’s tradition of service, Downey believes.

“It will serve as a model for future runs and reflects well on the Physical Therapy department’s commitment to community outreach,” he said.

The department’s anatomy lab is of fundamental importance, Downey believes.

“Anatomy is the basis for our whole physical therapy education. There are three semesters of anatomy which we call ‘anatomy on steroids,’” he laughed. “It is easy to think you know it all until you reach the physical therapy anatomy program. It is about more than knowing structures, it is about knowing that an injury in one part of your body affects someplace else. Our students use everything they learn in anatomy.”

The Physical Therapy Department’s goal in naming the lab for Moyer is to remember.

“It is strange knowing anatomy will not be taught this year by Peggy Moyer,” Downey said. “Our physical therapy majors are known for their strong knowledge of the body and Peggy Moyer really drove that into her students. This is a tribute to her legacy so that future students know anatomy is strong at CSULB and Peggy Moyer is one reason why. It is a way to show we appreciate what we learned. It is important to us.”

He encourages the campus and community to participate in the 5K run. The “Peggy Moyer Memorial Anatomy Laboratory” will serve as a reminder of her true legacy which endures in the hearts and minds of the students whose lives she touched, he said.

“Peggy Moyer was a member of the physical therapy family and we hope we can spread that word through this event. We hope this shows what Peggy Moyer meant to us and how important she was to us as a department. Not only did she impact our students but the patients they treat. She touched not only our students but everyone they worked with.”

Anyone interested in participating or learning about how they can contribute may e-mail Downey.

–Richard Manly