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EMT Program Receives Ambulance

Published: August 22, 2016

Ambulance at CSULB

CSULB’s Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program, in the College of Continuing and Professional Education, was recently gifted a working ambulance from the former owners of Gerber Ambulance Company, Robert and Rebecca Gerber.

The ambulance will allow students to gain real-life experience by making the staging scenarios of their curriculum come to life. Along with the ambulance, Gerber has donated close to $4,000 worth of emergency equipment to help enhance the learning experience of the EMT students.

“A lot of this equipment is expensive and we were lucky not only to get these donations, but to receive a $10,000 grant from the Alumni Association at CSULB that really helped to set the foundation for this program,” said Peter Kreysa, EMT Program Director.

In the past, the program would have to coordinate with ambulance companies such as Gerber to borrow an ambulance for the day in order to do the staging scenarios. Now, with an ambulance dedicated to the program, they no longer need to rely on companies providing such equipment to help get that hands-on experience.

“Being familiar with an ambulance and its equipment before going on the field can make an immense difference in providing better patient care,” said Murad Qaysia, a CSULB EMT graduate and skills instructor for the program. “Things like gurney operations and practicing how to safely move a patient is a huge part of the job, and having the equipment to be able to practice will better prepare students for the field.”

However, when the ambulance was donated to CSULB, it was missing a key item—a gurney.

“Luckily enough, two of my former EMT students were talking about how the Long Beach Fire Department is getting all new gurneys,” said Kreysa. He went to talk to the captain of the nearby fire station and they were more than willing to donate one of their old gurneys to the program.

“The ambulance definitely helped enhance the program, especially with the skills training,” Qaysia said.

“What this ambulance means to the program is that we have ready access to a working ambulance that enhances our students’ educational experience,” said Kreysa “We are no longer reliant on outside organizations in order to educate our students.”