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Campus Garners No. 8 Peace Corps Ranking

Published: May 2, 2016

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The Peace Corps recently announced its 2016 rankings of the top volunteer-producing Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) nationwide. This year, CSULB ranks No. 8 with 12 alumni currently serving in the Peace Corps. This is the third year that CSULB has placed among the top HSIs in the country for volunteers. Since the Peace Corps was established in 1961, 793 individuals from CSULB have traveled abroad to serve as volunteers.

California is home to 10 of the top HSIs in this year’s rankings. The state produces more Peace Corps volunteers than any other state nationwide. More than 29,899 California residents have served overseas as Peace Corps volunteers and 915 residents are currently serving.

“Graduates of Hispanic-Serving Institutions come to the Peace Corps with a strong educational background and the flexibility and curiosity needed to make an impact in communities around the world,” Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet said. “Volunteers with different talents, viewpoints, experiences and backgrounds demonstrate to people across all corners of the world what it means to be an American.”

College graduates with Peace Corps volunteer experience gain cross-cultural, leadership, language and community development skills that give them a competitive edge for 21st century jobs and advanced educational opportunities. They develop a global perspective that enriches the lives of those around them and helps to strengthen international ties and increase our country’s global competitiveness.

In recent years, the Peace Corps has expanded its reach to attract the best and brightest the U.S. has to offer and field a volunteer force that reflects the rich diversity of the American people. In 2015, the agency saw a 40-year high in application numbers, reinforcing the Peace Corps’ role as a dynamic, forward-leaning champion for international service more than half a century after its creation.

The Peace Corps’ 2016 top volunteer-producing Hispanic-Serving Institutions (and number of volunteers currently serving) are:

1. University of California, Santa Cruz (32)
1. San Diego State University (32)
3. University of New Mexico (27)
4. Humboldt State University (25)
5. University of California, Riverside (20)
6. Florida International University (16)
7. California State University, Sacramento (14)
8. California State University, Long Beach (12)
9. California State University, Fullerton (10)
10. California State University, Northridge (9)
10. Texas State University (9)
12. University of Texas at El Paso (8)
13. California State University, Fresno (7)
13. California State University, San Bernardino (7)
13. New Mexico State University (7)

*Rankings are calculated based on fiscal year 2015 data as of Sept. 30, 2015, as self-reported by Peace Corps volunteers.

The Peace Corps has eight regional recruitment offices across the country that work closely with prospective volunteers. In addition to hiring dedicated diversity recruiters and hosting diversity focused recruitment events, the Peace Corps is partnering with diverse institutions like CSULB, so Americans of all backgrounds know about service opportunities with the Peace Corps.

About the Peace Corps: The Peace Corps sends the best and brightest Americans abroad on behalf of the United States to address the most pressing needs of people around the world. Volunteers work with their community members at the grassroots level to develop sustainable solutions to challenges in education, health, economic development, agriculture, environment and youth development. Through their service, volunteers gain a unique cultural understanding and a life-long commitment to service that positions them to succeed in today’s global economy. Since President John F. Kennedy established the Peace Corps in 1961, more than 220,000 Americans of all ages have served in 141 countries worldwide. For more information, visit the Peace Corps website.

–Shayne Schroeder