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Alumni Grants Program Recipients Recognized

Published: April 4, 2016

The campus community is invited to congratulate the CSULB Alumni Association’s 2016 grant recipients at a reception on Monday, April 25, at 4 p.m. in The Chartroom.

The Association is proud to award a total of $49,792.16 to 9 programs as part of the Alumni Grants Program. More than $875,000 has been distributed through this program in its 25-year history. The SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union is also a sponsor of this program.

To attend the reception, please contact Meghan Adamovic at (562) 985-2539 so proper accommodations can be planned.

This year’s recipients are:

1. Advanced Studies in Education & Counseling: Tests and assessments for special education credential students, Shireen Pavri, $3,025

2. Civil Engineering & Construction Engineering Management Department: Centrifugal pump for fluid mechanics lab, Rebeka Sultana, $7,500.

3. Mathematics & Statistics Department: Mobile tutoring lab for at-risk students in bottleneck math courses, Xuhui Li, $7,438.23.

4. Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department: Tracking system for robotics research and education, Emel Demircan & Qingbin Gao, $7,500.

5. Project OCEAN: QPR & MHFA Instructional Training & Materials. Alexandria Pan. $5,354.90.

6. School of Art, Sculpture: Digital fabrication lab. Brittany R. Ransom. $6,759.67.

7. School of Nursing: Birthing Readiness Unit, Melissa Dyo, $7,500.

8. Speech-Language Pathology: Auditory Screener for the Speech-Language Clinic, Edward Garcia, $3,957.03.

9. University Library: Premium Subscription for GoAnimate and Tubesnack, Tiffini Travis, $757.33.