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Boeing Mechanical Systems Research Center To Open

Published: January 15, 2016

First 777F freighter lands after B-1 Flight K 64503-40.
First 777F freighter lands after B-1 Flight K 64503-40.

A new research center to further the understanding of aircraft systems will open next spring in the CSULB College of Engineering’s (COE) latest—and most ambitious—joint venture with the world’s largest aerospace company.

The Boeing Mechanical Systems Research Center (BMSRC) will advance research in mechanical parts and systems design and testing for various types of aircraft. Under the agreement with the College of Engineering, Boeing will provide specialized equipment, technical personnel, and project management support for the center, which will debut next spring in the Engineering Technology Building.

“Our students and faculty will be able to see firsthand how a real-world project is conceived, developed, executed, validated and deployed into the production lines, all in the university environment,” said COE Dean Forouzan Golshani. “The opportunity of working side-by-side with Boeing technical staff, on real projects that have serious safety, technical and economic repercussions, is unique. Other universities cannot fathom embarking on an impactful initiative such as this.”

The agreement with Boeing Research and Technology (BR&T), the corporate-wide research and development organization of The Boeing Company, is part of the college’s continuing partnership with Boeing, the leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defense, space and security systems. More than a decade ago, BR&T and the CSULB College of Engineering began a joint partnership for advancing education and technology, focusing on fabrication and automation, including orbital drilling, robotic cleaning/sealing and confined space automation.

“Boeing is pleased to continue its longstanding partnership with California State University, Long Beach, and announce this agreement to advance research in mechanical parts and systems design and testing,” said Toni Brown, BR&T senior manager. “Much like our ongoing research at the university, our new ventures with CSULB will ensure Boeing can incorporate innovative technologies that will make Boeing products even more capable, our workplaces even more productive and our company even stronger.”

CSULB’s partnership with Boeing has had many positive impacts, said Golshani. A $1 million endowment from the company created the COE Boeing Endowed Chair in Manufacturing. In addition, Boeing engineers help operate a joint research and development lab. Boeing also provides internship opportunities for CSULB students, employment for CSULB graduates, scholarship funds, money for various student groups and activities, and research and service contracts. CSULB was also recognized as Boeing’s 2012 Supplier of the Year.

The new center will open the COE’s doors to a state-of-the-art laboratory—one that will expose CSULB students to modern technologies and methods.

“There will be an expansion of service contracts and R&D contracts to the College of Engineering,” said Golshani. “These assignments will engage our faculty and students in cutting-edge projects.”

Brown said students will gain the opportunity to research and drive innovation of promising aerospace technologies, which will help strengthen their knowledge and obtain valuable experience that equates to a stronger potential future workforce.