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Grant To Strengthen International Education, Add Degree Value for Students

Published: December 2, 2014

CSULB recently received a U.S. Department of Education-funded Title VI Foreign Language and Area Studies, Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language grant of $188,470. The grant, titled “Weaving Language and Global Competencies Throughout the CSULB Curricula,” is led by CSULB’s Global Studies Institute (GSI) and brings together departments from three colleges to strengthen global competencies and add degree value for students while providing the global literacy necessary to survive in their careers of the borderless 21st century.

“What great news for our important international initiatives,” said CSULB President Jane Close Conoley. “Language and global competencies…it’s pretty fantastic.”

The grant will fund five student-centered projects, including the development of language and global competencies in general education, enhancement of global competencies as part of the Honors program, development of a Certificate in Khmer Language for Heritage Speakers in coordination with the UC Berkeley/UCLA Khmer Language Consortium, development of new tools for the Department of Romance, German, Russian Languages and Literature to enhance focus on language competencies across majors and support for program development in a new global nursing office.

“The impact of the $188,470 is magnified given the hard-to-fund activities it covers and the diverse participants from three different colleges it pulls together,” said Professor of International Studies Richard Marcus, who was the principal investigator (PI). He also serves as the Director of the GSI, which was established in September 2012 in service to the university community. “It will allow faculty to directly address some of the issues raised last spring by the CSULB Senate Task Force on the Study of Languages and it reflects a new coordination of impacts from spending already taking place in colleges as well as a flexibility of deans to maximize the grant impacts through combined efforts. This is an enormous step in the coordination of international education activities and the enhancement of comprehensive internationalization and global learning outcomes at CSULB.”

Along with support from the Office of Academic Affairs, the three colleges on campus involved in the project are Liberal Arts, Health and Human Services and Continuing and Professional Education (CCPE).

Richard Marcus

“The grant will be a tremendous help in enhancing international curricular activities at CSULB and for faculty to work towards a common goal of comprehensive internationalization,” said Jeet Joshee, Associate Vice President for International Education and Global Engagement and Dean of CCPE. “It will also create synergy among the three colleges and multiple departments who are committed to our global mission.”

“This shows what great teamwork across departments and colleges can do,” added Asian and Asian American Studies Professor Teri Yamada, who was also one of the co-PIs on the project.

–Shayne Schroeder