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Workers’ Compensation Update

Published: September 15, 2014

Workers’ Compensation, mandated and regulated by the state of California Labor Code, provides medical and income benefits to employees injured on the job or who become ill because of a job-related condition.

By law, employees may choose to be treated by their personal physicians rather than the industrial carrier provided by the university. However, employees must file a Pre-designation of Personal Physician form with the Workers’ Compensation Specialist prior to any illness or injury. You may be treated for such injury or illness by your personal medical doctor (M.D.) or doctor of osteopathic medicine (D.O.) if:

— On the date of your work injury you have health care coverage for injuries or illnesses that are not work related;

— The doctor is your regular physician, who shall be either a physician who has limited his or her practice of medicine to general practice or who is board-certified or a board-eligible internist, pediatrician, obstetrician-gynecologist, or family practitioner and has previously directed your medical treatment and retains your medical records;

__ Your “personal physician” may be a medical group if it is a single corporation or partnership composed of licensed doctors of medicine or osteopathy, which operates an integrated multi-specialty medical group providing comprehensive medical services predominantly for nonoccupational illnesses and injuries;

— Prior to the injury, your doctor agrees to treat you for work-related injuries or illnesses;

— Prior to the injury, you provided your employer the following in writing: (1) notice that you want your personal doctor to treat you for a work-related injury or illness, (2) and your personal doctor’s name and business address.

Also, you may choose to give notice of a personal chiropractor or personal acupuncturist.

NOTE: If your date of injury is Jan. 1, 2004 or later, a chiropractor cannot be your treating physician after you have received 24 chiropractic visits unless your employer has authorized additional visits in writing. The term “chiropractic visit” means any chiropractic office visit, regardless of whether the services performed involve chiropractic manipulation or are limited to evaluation and management. Once you have received 24 chiropractic visits, if you still require medical treatment, you will have to select a new physician who is not a chiropractor. This prohibition shall not apply to visits for post-surgical physical medicine visits prescribed by the surgeon, or physician designated by the surgeon, under the post-surgical component of the Division of Workers’ Compensation’s Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule.

The Pre-designation of Personal Physician form and the notice of personal chiropractor or personal acupuncturist can be found online through the Human Resources Management website, under Workers’ Compensation in the forms section. Employees unable to access this form through the website should contact Cheryl Velasco at 562/985-2366.