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UPASS Program Change

Published: August 18, 2014

CSULB is announcing the continuation of the popular UPASS program, which allows all currently enrolled CSULB students in state supported degree, credential, or certificate programs and active faculty and staff to ride free on Long Beach Transit (LBT) buses. However, in order to continue our UPASS program with LBT, the campus needs to issue new cards to those interested in utilizing this benefit.

The current CSULB/LBT program uses the campus ID card to verify eligibility and allow qualified individuals to ride the bus without paying a fare. During this past spring, all LBT buses were converted to the TAP technology, a state-of-the-art bus pass technology that uses a smart chip card. Beginning Wednesday, Oct. 1, CSULB campus ID cards will no longer be accepted by Long Beach Transit. Therefore, CSULB and LBT have established a timeline for the campus’ conversion to the TAP program. During the phase-in period CSULB participants will still be able to use their valid campus ID card to ride. However, beginning Oct. 1, LBT will accept only a TAP card from participants in the UPASS program.

All eligible students, faculty, and staff who are interested in utilizing the LBT bus system can pick up a free TAP card, already loaded with the CSULB bus riding privilege, at the Cashier’s Parking window in Brotman Hall 148. For questions please contact