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Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership Announces Awards

Published: June 2, 2014

Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership Announces Awards
Attending the Ukleja luncheon were (l-r) Jennifer Fleming, Emma Daugherty, Kathleen Lacey, Michael Solt, Cheryl Lee, Mehrdad Aliasgari, Alan Colburn and Louise Ukleja.

The Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership at CSULB is providing students from majors as diverse as computer engineering, science education, journalism, social work and teacher education with essential ethical decision-making tools before entering the workforce. Through one of its key initiatives, Ethics Across the Curriculum, the center offers $2,000 stipends to faculty members who integrate a three-hour ethics module into their courses.

The 2013-14 interdisciplinary faculty awardees are Mehrdad Aliasgari for “Computer Security Ethics and Privacy”; Alan Colburn for “Ethical Dilemmas of Vaccine Testing: The Story of Polio”; Emma Daugherty for “The Ethical Use of Online and Social Media as a Communicative Tool: Challenges for Journalists and Public Relations Professionals”; Jennifer Fleming for “Creating a Code of Ethics for News Audiences in the Digital Age”; Cheryl Lee for “Ethics for Social Group Work Practice”; and Jessica Pandya and Deborah Hamm for “Ethics in the Elementary Classroom: Bridging Theory and Practice in Pre-Service Teacher Education”.

Recipients received their awards at a campus luncheon attended by CSULB Interim President Donald Para, College of College of Business Administration Dean Michael Solt and other college deans, Academic Senate Chair Dan O’Connor and Kathleen Lacey, who chaired the selection committee. Members of the review panel and Ukleja Center’s advisory board also attended.

More than 45 Ethics Across the Curriculum stipends have been granted by the Ukleja Center since 2005. All CSULB colleges and disciplines are invited to participate and lecturers, as well as tenured faculty, are encouraged to apply. The application deadline for 2014-15 proposals is Nov. 7.

The Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership offers training to enhance the integration of ethics in everything we do. It focuses on a three-pronged approach to applied ethics—university research, education and community outreach—to equip people with the transformational power of ethical leadership.

–Jane Roeder