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Counseling and Psychological Services Gets Accreditation

Published: April 15, 2014

The Office of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at CSULB has been accredited by the International Association of Counseling Services, Inc. (IACS), an Alexandria, Va.-based organization of U.S., Canadian and Australian counseling agencies.

CAPS is a university counseling center serving the mental health needs of CSULB’s matriculating student body. It offers a variety of mental health services including brief individual therapy, group therapy, on-call crisis therapy, referral services, consultation and evaluation to the campus community, a pre-doctoral APA accredited internship training program and outreach programs.

IACS was established in 1972 to encourage and aid counseling agencies to meet high professional standards through peer evaluation and to inform the public about counseling services that are competent and reliable.

CSULB’s CAPS was evaluated by IACS against high standards of counseling practice and was found to offer competent and reliable professional services to its clientele. Approval by IACS is also dependent upon evidence of continuing professional development as well as demonstration of excellence of counseling performance.

“Being accredited by IACS is a major achievement for any university counseling center and it reflects on the dedication the university has for student mental health,” said Brad Compliment, director of CSULB’s CAPS office. He said the accreditation would be reevaluated in four years and then hopefully renewed for seven years. “It’s amazing to reflect on all the great things CAPS does for our campus and IACS has helped us to see this through external eyes.”

Compliment noted that IACS was especially appreciative of CAPS’ diverse staff; significant and innovative outreach efforts; strong training program; its efforts to consult with various student, staff and faculty constituencies; and its responsiveness to student crises day and night.

The mission of CAPS is to support student learning, personal development and overall academic success. By teaching students how to remove psychological barriers that threaten academic achievement and personal well-being, CAPS contributes to a safe and productive campus learning environment, increased retention, higher graduation rates and the development of individuals well-prepared to make a positive contribution to the larger community.

CAPS is also the home of Project OCEAN, a campus-wide program focusing on suicide awareness and intervention, mental health destigmatization and student mental health education.

–Rick Gloady