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Faster CSULB Wireless Network Performance Now Available

Published: January 15, 2014

BeachNet+ is now available to students, faculty and staff for fast, reliable and secure wireless network access. Data on BeachNet+ is protected by encryption and performance is more than 10 times as fast as the basic BeachNet service.

Wireless configured devices purchased after January 2007 should be compatible with BeachNet+; however, the basic BeachNet wireless network will remain available to support older devices and also for its intended purpose of supporting guest and campus community members. BeachNet+ will replace the “Campus-Domain” wireless network which will be phased out in the coming months.

It is recommended that individuals connect to BeachNet+ as soon as possible if they have not already done so. BeachNet+ has the following advantages over basic BeachNet:

BeachNet+ is safe—It protects data from unwanted capture by encrypting it as it passes data between computing devices and wireless access points. Basic BeachNet provides the same level of security users can expect for free WiFi offered at coffee shops, hotels or airports.

BeachNet+ is easy—Connecting to BeachNet+ is the same process used to connect to personal/home WiFi networks. Like home wifi network, your device automatically signs in to BeachNet+. A web browser is not required to authenticate (sign-in) so you won’t be prompted to enter your BeachID credentials as often as with BeachNet.

BeachNet+ is convenient—Most devices connected to BeachNet+ will automatically retain necessary credentials without prompting users to re-enter them, even after periods of inactivity or roaming between locations across campus.

Wireless Network

Student, faculty and staff use of BeachNet+ is part of a strategy to improve the campus’ wireless network performance and coverage. Plans are underway to expand the number of wireless access points across the campus, including some common outdoor areas. More information will be provided as this project continues.

Visit the Wireless Network webpage for links to wireless connection instructions for various device types (i.e. Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android).

Questions or help using BeachNet+ can also be addressed by visiting the Wireless Network webpage or contacting your college or department technical coordinator.