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Energy Conference Returns

Published: November 15, 2013

The Fourth Annual Green Energy and Systems Conference returns to CSULB on Monday, Nov. 25, sponsored by the IEEE Systems Council, Coastal Los Angeles Section. The topic of this year’s conference is “Efficient Utilization of Energy and Storage.” The lead organizer for this conference is Electrical Engineering’s Henry Yeh with the support of other faculty members in the College of Engineering. Yeh has served as the conference chair since 2010, founded the IEEE Systems Council Chapter in 2009 and has served as the Chapter Chair since 2009. He joined the university in 1983.

Chemical Engineering’s Sergio Mendez, one of the conference steering committee members who joined the university in 2009, applauds the return of the successful series of conferences focusing on green energy. “The annual IEEE Green Energy Forums invite guest speaker from industry, government and academia to offer technical presentations,” he explained. Previous conference themes include 2012’s “A System Level Discussion on Renewable Energy and Micro-Grid Applications including Electric Vehicles”, 2011’s “Renewable Energy Production and Electric Vehicles”, and 2010’s “A System Approach toward Green Energy Production and Adaptive Power Distribution.”

The conference’s keynote speaker will be the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Robert D Van Buskirk who will speak on the topic “Accelerating Innovation in the Efficient Utilization of Energy and Storage in Buildings.” Other morning speakers will include USC’s Qunzhi Zhou on “Using Complex Event Processing for Dynamic Demand Response Optimization in Microgrid” followed by UC Irvine’s Fereidoun Ahourai on “Modeling and Simulation of the EV Charging in a Residential Distribution Power Grid.”

The afternoon sessions will feature three CSULB faculty members including Electrical Engineering’s Henry Yeh on “Battery Placement on Performance of VAR Controls,” Electrical Engineering’s Fumio Hamano on “Derivative of Rotation Matrix – Director Matrix Derivation of Well-Known Formula” and Electrical Engineering’s Chit-Sang Tsang on “Third Order Intermodulation Power Estimation for N Sinusoidal Channels.”

The afternoon session concludes with an award for the Student Poster Session. The conference asks for a $5 admission for students and $25 for community members. Those interested in attending may contact the conference website at

Mendez encourages attendance at the daylong conference. “Green Energy is growing. We’re not using many green methods to generate green power but that is changing,” he said. “A growing field means jobs. One of the goals of Chemical Engineering Department is to encourage students to commit themselves to lifelong learning. We want them to leave the classroom and learn something for their professional advancement. That is what they’ll find at the conference.”

–Richard Manly