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Campus Among “Top 100 Degree Producers” Named By Publication

Published: August 1, 2013

In the most recent list of the “Top 100 Degree Producers” by Diverse Issues in Higher Education, CSULB is ranked 13th in the nation in conferring baccalaureate degrees to minority students.

The “Top 100” is a list of the best minority degree-awarding institutions of higher education in the United States. It is the only national report that showcases U.S. colleges’ and universities’ success in awarding degrees to African-American, Asian-American, Latino and Native-American students.

Based on U.S. Department of Education data from the 2011-12 academic year (the most current data available), CSULB conferred bachelor’s degrees to 3,430 minority students, a number that represented 56 percent of all the baccalaureate degrees awarded at the university that year.

“Cal State Long Beach is located in one of the most ethnically diverse regions in the country. We take great pride in the fact our graduating classes reflect the faces of our community,” said CSULB Interim President Donald Para. “This campus has made a significant effort to reach out to traditionally underserved youth and their parents to encourage collegiate enrollment, and more importantly, student success through graduation. Diverse Issues’ ranking confirms our success to date.

“While we are proud of achieving this ranking,” Para added, “we will continue to push forward to ensure that even more minority students participate and succeed in college.”

The Diverse Issues “Top 100” is the only national analysis to use the most recent data from the U.S. Department of Education. Using these statistics, rankings were created in the total number of baccalaureate degrees awarded at every university and college in the nation by ethnicity as well as specific figures in major fields of study or disciplines.

Among individual ethnicities, CSULB ranked 11th nationally in awarding bachelor’s degrees to Hispanic students, 13th to Native Americans and 14th to Asian Americans.

By discipline, CSULB ranked No. 1 in awarding undergraduate degrees to minority students in two different major areas—English language and literature, and family and consumer sciences. Additionally, the campus ranked first in awarding English degrees to both Hispanic and Native American students and family and consumer science degrees to Hispanics.

The campus also ranked No. 1 in awarding bachelor’s degrees in recreation and leisure studies to Hispanic students and visual and performing arts degrees to Asian American students. Overall, CSULB was listed second in the nation in awarding visual and performing arts degrees to minority students.

For a complete list of CSULB’s national rankings in awarding baccalaureate degrees to minority students, visit the Diverse Issues in Higher Education “Top 100” webpage.

–Rick Gloady