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Laurels: July 2012

Published: July 17, 2012

Ingrid M. Martin, Marketing, co-chaired the Marketing and Public Policy Doctoral Workshop in Risk and Public Policy in Atlanta on June 3-7. The workshop was designed to expose doctoral students to the field of marketing and public policy as they are developing a topic for their dissertation. The workshop includes scholars from psychology, marketing, public health, economics and related fields. This biennial workshop is the fifth since 2004. She presented her research in “Planning, Mitigation and Recovery in Natural Disasters: Social Justice, Diversity and Bringing People and Communities Together,” co-authored with CSULB’s Wade E. Martin (economics) and David Horne (marketing) at the Marketing and Public Policy Conference. Their research looks at the influence of social media in the four phases of the disaster cycle for a community in northern California as the setting. The research was funded by a multi-disciplinary grant from the Office of Research at CSULB.

Terry Witkowski, Marketing, presented “Trade Ceramics, the Antiquities Market and the Preservation of Southeast Asia’s Cultural Heritage” at the 12th Bi-Annual Conference of the International Society on Markets and Development held in Casablanca, May 21–25. He also presented “Courtesy and Kindness: Social Marketing and Cultural Control in Singapore” at the 2012 Macromarketing Conference held in Berlin, June 13-16.