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Author of the Month: Hank Fradella

Published: July 17, 2012

Foundations of Criminal Justice

Hank Fradella, chair/professor, Criminal Justice

Published in 2012 by Oxford University Press, Foundations of Criminal Justice employs a distinctive approach in its discussion of how justice is achieved which provides students with the framework and intellectual tools they need. “It’s the only book of its kind on the market,” said the member of the university since 2007. “This represents a radical change in the way students are exposed to information about the justice system.” Foundations is written at a level that makes it possible for an 18-year-old reader to understand. “When we discuss punishment, we discuss the illegal downloading of music,” he explained. “When I wrote the chapter on due process, instead of talking about Supreme Court cases, I discussed the disciplinary processes at a university. How do the principles of due process guide the discipline students face if they run afoul of the rules?” Fradella believes Foundations offers a very different view of the law than the ones students receive when they study criminal law or procedure since the philosophical underpinnings and historical development of legal principles are presented, rather than rules of law. He hopes his current title achieves the perennial status of his previous America’s Courts and the Criminal Justice System. He recently finished with co-author David Neubauer the 11th edition of America’s Courts which will appear this fall. “The image of the criminal justice profession is changing,” he said. “A variety of cognate fields ranging from psychology and neuroscience to economics and behavioral genetics collectively guide the discipline today but most of our books don’t reflect that. When my co-authors and I wrote an article critiquing the lack of trans-disciplinary foundations of modern criminology, we were approached by seven publishers who told us we were on to something and asked us to write the book.” Ultimately, they decided to go with Oxford, partially because of its reputation, but primarily because as a non-profit university press, the company was committed to the scholarly enterprise.

Author of the Month: Hank Fradella

The 11th edition of Fradella’s previous text Criminal Procedure for the Criminal Justice Professional appeared in January. His next book, Sex, Sexuality, Crime and (In) justice, will be a multidisciplinary study written with CSULB criminal justice colleague Connie Ireland for the Oxford University Press on the way the criminal justice system regulates sexuality and gender. Fradella taught as an assistant professor of law and justice at The College of New Jersey in Ewing, N.J., before joining CSULB. He earned his master’s in forensic science and a law degree in 1993 from George Washington University before acquiring his Ph.D. from Arizona State University in 1997.