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Jeynes Receives Distinguished Faculty Scholarly And Creative Achievement Award For 2012

Published: July 2, 2012

William Jeynes

Distinguished Faculty Scholarly and Creative Achievement Award

Teacher Education’s William Jeynes is taking on one of the most critical issues in education today—addressing the achievement gap—specifically the role that parental involvement, religion, divorce, family structure, bullying and other factors play in students’ academic success.

A respected scholar and member of the university since 2001, Jeynes’ research incorporates meta-analysis and his training in psychology, economics, sociology and history. He is a prolific writer, having published more than 110 academic publications including 10 books, 75 articles, and more than 25 book chapters.

His most recent book, Parental Involvement and Academic Success, offers an objective assessment of how parental involvement affects academic achievement, with particular attention paid to its history, practice, theories and impact. His book American Educational History: School, Society and the Common Good is regarded as the most comprehensive book on the topic.

Jeynes’ articles have appeared in journals by Columbia University, Harvard University, the University of Chicago, Notre Dame University and other prestigious academic publications and they are often the most read and cited articles.

In addition, Jeynes regularly speaks at government meetings in Washington D.C. and has spoken for both the Bush and Obama administrations. He has presented his research on the achievement gap at the White House, the U.S. Departments of Education; Justice; and Health and Human Services, as well as to members of Congress, United Nation delegates, the National Press Club and many well-known universities. State and city governments as well as school districts have called on him to help develop programs that increase parental involvement and reduce the achievement gap.

William Jeynes
William Jeynes

He has been interviewed or quoted by the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Times in London, the Associated Press, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and Al Jazeera.

Jeynes earned his master’s degree from Harvard, graduating first in his class. He earned his doctorate from the University of Chicago and received the university’s Rosenberger Award for most outstanding student in his cohort.