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Laurels: June 2012

Published: June 15, 2012

Rick Behl, Geology, served on the organizing committee of the 2012 annual convention of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists. In addition he led a professional field trip for the Society of Petroleum Engineers on April 12, organized a short course for 100 professionals held at CSULB and made an oral presentation at the meeting as sole author of “The Monterey Formation of California: New Research Directions” and as co-author with his master’s student Courtney Marshall on “Sedimentation in an Active Fold and Thrust Belt, Santa Barbara Basin, California: Local and Regional Influences on the Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Sedimentation from 1.0 Ma to Present.”

Sharyn Blumenthal, Film and Electronic Arts, recently published poetry and short stories under the pen name Cooper Sy. The short story “How Will I Recognize You at the Film Forum” was published in the Spring 2011 issue of The Battered Suitcase literary magazine. The short story “Starbucks In the University Library” was accepted by the Montreal Review to be published in July. “Summer Poetry,” a poem, was published in the anthology Love Notes from Vagabondage Press now available on “Snow Movie” video poetry was published in Steel Toe Review in June. The video is an excerpt from Blumenthal’s feature documentary in post-production titled “Privileged Chicks.”

Wade Martin, Economics, presented “The Influence of Social Media in Creating 2-Way Risk Communication” with David Horne and Ingrid Martin (Marketing) at the International Association of Wildland Fire in Seattle on April 17-19. The research was based on a multidisciplinary grant from CSULB.