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Laurels: October 2011

Published: October 17, 2011

Amy Bippus, Stacy Young and Norah Dunbar, Communication Studies, published “Humor Perceptions of Couples in Conflict: Comparing Partners’ Perceptions” in Humor: The International Journal of Humor Research, 24 (3), 287-303. Young also collaborated with Communication Studies’ Catherine Brooks on “Are Choice-Making Opportunities Needed in the Classroom?: Using Self-Determination Theory (SDT) to Measure Student motivation and Situate Learner Empowerment” in the International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 23 (1), 48-59. Young also joined with Communication Studies’ Dawn Kelsey and former outstanding undergraduate research student Alexander Lancaster on an article titled “Predicted Outcome Value of Email Communication: Factors that Foster Professional Relational Development Between Students and Teachers” published as the lead article in Communication Education, 60, 371-388.

Kirstyn Chun, Counseling and Psychological Services, delivered a peer-reviewed presentation titled “Contextual Approaches to Understanding Identities of Bisexual Youth of Color” in the “Identity, Minority Stress and Psychological Well-Being in Bisexual Populations” symposium chaired by Ronald C. Fox at the American Psychological Association annual convention in Washington, D.C., in August.

Martin Fiebert, Psychology, published an article titled “Collaboration and Conflict. Five Phases in Jewish and Black Relations: An Examination of Tensions Between the Two Communities from before the Civil War to the Late 1990’s” in the International Review of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vol.1, No. 2.

Neil Hultgren, English, published “Haggard Criticism Since 1980: Imperial Romance Before and After the Postcolonial Turn” in the September issue of the journal Literature Compass.

Najib Redouane, Romance, German, Russian Languages and Literatures, published a poetry book Le murmure des vagues, Rome, Aracne Editrice, 2011, 77 p. His poetry book dedicated to President Barack Obama, Ce Soleil Percera-t-il les Nuages? has been translated into three languages and published in English as Will this Sun Break through the Clouds? by Abby Heraud and Mary McGivern; in Spanish as“¿Traspasará las Nubes est Sol? by Beatriz Bocca; and in Italian as Questo Sole Squarcerà le Nuvole? by Dania Morini. Redouane also published with Y. Bénayoun-Szmidt L’œuvre romanesque de Gérard Étienne: É(cri)ts d’un révolutionnaire, Paris, L’Harmattan, 2011, 254 p. and an article titled, “L’écriture du tragique et l’autobiographie collective chez Norman Manea Le Retour du hooligan Une vie”, in L’Ecrire et l’écriture des écrivains d’expression française de l’Europe du Sud-Est, Bucarest, Editura Fundatiei România de Mâine, 2011, pp. 249-258. In addition he published two book reviews in the French Review — Badia Hadj Nasser’s Les Hédonistes, Vol. 84, No 4, (2011), p. 853-854 and Fiby Bensoussan’s De Marrakech à Montréal, Vol. 84, No 6 (2011), p. 1322-1323. Redouane presented a paper titled, “Gérard Étienne: Voix d’un écrivain haïtien en exil” at the International Colloquium on “Impact de l’œuvre de Gérard Étienne, écrivain juif et haïtien du Québec,” at Bar Ilan University (Ramat Gan, Israël), (June 5-6, 2011).

Craig Smith, Communication Studies, has published two articles titled “Compromising the Manichaean Style: A Case Study of the 2006 State of the Union Address,” American Communication Journal, 13 (2011): 23-38, and “The Evolution of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission,” Free Speech Yearbook (2011): 131-40. Smith and Communication Studies’ Kevin Johnson taught at John Cabot University in Rome and Smith, Johnson and Communication Studies’ Jennifer Asenas participated in three forums sponsored by John Cabot University and the Center for First Amendment Studies on freedom of expression in the United States and Italy.

Frederick Wegener, English, presented a paper titled “The Woman Doctor as Frontierswoman in Western American Literature of the Early Twentieth Century” at the annual American Literature Association conference held in Boston in May.