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Laurels: September 2011

Published: September 15, 2011

Stephen Cooper, English, presented UCLA’s 2011 Bonnie Cashin Endowed Lecture, “The Road to John Fante’s Los Angeles: A Biographer Reflects,” on March 10. This lecture and the reception that followed marked the opening of “John Fante: A Life in the Works,” a public exhibit of original manuscripts, screenplays, letters, diaries and other materials from the John Fante Collection. Co-curated by Cooper, the exhibit ran through the summer at the Department of Special Collections of UCLA’s Charles E. Young Research Library. The exhibit will be posted permanently online at the UCLA Special Collections website. Cooper also published “The Road to John Fante’s Los Angeles,” a separate creative non-fiction essay, in the “Seeing Stories, Telling Pictures” issue (no. 17) of the London-based magazine .Cent (Spring 2011). On July 20, Cooper took part in the “Film and Genocide” panel at the ninth biannual conference of the International Association of Genocide Scholars at the Centro Cultural Borges in Buenos Aires, delivering a paper titled “Through the Open Society Archives to The Portraitist: Film’s Impulse Towards Death and Witness.”

Boak Ferris, English and Comparative Literature and Classics, published an introductory textbook on critical thinking skills titled Think and Rethink.

Maulana Karenga, Africana Studies, presented a paper titled “Revisiting and Re-envisioning the African Personality: A Kawaida Conception of Human Agency and Flourishing,” at the 22nd Annual Cheikh Anta Diop International Conference held in Philadelphia on Oct. 16, and presented a paper titled “Kawaida and the Maatian Educational Philosophy: A Classical African and Contemporary Option” at the 18th annual Philosophy Born of Struggle Conference held in Austin on Oct. 22. Moreover, he delivered a series of Kwanzaa lectures titled “Kwanzaa and the Nguzo Saba: An Ethics of Sharing Good in the world” at Claremont University Consortium, Nov. 30; North Carolina Central University, Dec. 2; Better Family Life, Inc., St. Louis, Dec. 11; Buffalo Kwanzaa Committee, Buffalo, Dec. 28; Metro Atlanta Kwanzaa Association, Atlanta, Dec. 29; and Africentric Focus/Maat Study Group, Baton Rouge, Dec. 30. In addition, he published a three-part critical review of Manning Marable’s Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention titled “Reinventing Malcolm With Marable: Pursuing Pathology by Another Name,” Los Angeles Sentinel, April 21; April 28; May 5, editorial page, p. A7.

Barry Lavay, Kinesiology, received the National Consortium for Physical Education and Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities William A. Hilliman Distinguished Service Award in Washington D.C. this summer at their national meeting. In addition, Lavay and Kinesiology’s Lori Reich presented a poster titled, “California State University, Long Beach Adapted Physical Education Candidate Competence and Program Effectiveness”.

Bei Lu, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and graduate student Daniel Alvarez co-authored a paper titled “Piloted simulation study comparing classical, H infinity, and LPV flight control design methods,” published in the AIAA Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics, Vol. 34, No. 1, pp. 164-176.

Sergi Mendez and Roger Lo, Chemical Engineering, Yu-Fu Ko, Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering Management, and chemical engineering students Daniel Bahr and Kevin Chang co-authored a paper titled “Preliminary Studies of Natural Fiber Composites for use in Wind Turbine Blades,” at the Society for Advancement of Material and Process Engineering annual meeting in Long Beach.

Victor Rodriguez, Chicano and Latino Studies, had the paper titled “Developing Antiracist Critical Pedagogy & Practice in Higher Education” co-presented with Emily Drew, Willamette University (Oregon) in panel “Infusing Counter-Narratives in Education” at the National Association of Ethnic Studies, Claremont Graduate University, on April 8. Rodriguez co-led with Drew, “Organizing for Institutional Transformation in Higher Education” an Organizers Training Institute for the Red River Collective, a coalition of faculty from University of North Dakota, North Dakota State University and Moorhead State University on May 23-24. In addition, he published “Social Protest and the Future of Higher Education in Puerto Rico” in ACADEME: Magazine of the American Association of University Professors, July-August.

Ray Stefani, Electrical Engineering, presented “The Evolution of Football Codes” to the conference of the Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications IMASport 2011 in Manchester, England, on June 23. He presented “Olympic Winning Performances in Athletics and Swimming: A Comprehensive Analysis” to the Congress of the European College of Sport Science in Liverpool, England, on July 8.

Carol Zitzer-Comfort, English/Liberal Studies, edited a special edition of SAIL titled “Studies in American Indian Literature” (SAIL) Vol. 23, No. 2, Summer 2011, focusing on using digital technologies to teach American Indian literature. Also contributing to the journal was Nancy Strow Sheley, English, who, with Zitzer-Comfort, co-wrote an article “Expand and Contract: E-Learning Shapes the World in Cyprus and in California” that discussed their use of digital technology to bridge and connect classrooms in Long Beach and Nicosia, Cyprus, as their students shared readings and commentary on American Indian literature. Also in the journal, Gabriel Estrada, American Indian Studies, showed how he infused digital technology into his teaching of American Indian literature.