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CSULB Nursing Staff Recognized As K-Earth’s Office Of The Day

Published: June 30, 2011

Los Angeles music radio station K-Earth 101 brought a van with bagels, coffee and serenading guitarist/vocalist Antonio to the School of Nursing on June 24 after faculty member Dianne Leever nominated the staff for the station’s Office of the Day.

“I do my best to acknowledge the help and support of the administrative staff on a regular basis; however the growth of our school in the past six years makes extra kudos a must,” said Leever, an 11-year lecturer in psychiatric mental health nursing. During that time, the department grew into a full-fledged school, established a number of community partnerships and increased its enrollment more than five-fold, she added.

Nursing programs are demanding, she explained. “Graduate and undergraduate students are assigned to as many as 200-plus clinical practice settings, all of whom have different requirements that must be met prior to the start of each clinical rotation. We have more than 800 students requiring ongoing program information, document submission, compliance with health and immunization requirements, and finally, monitoring and submission of eligibility documents to the Board of Registered Nursing.

“Despite this our team manages an aura of fun and civility without sacrificing quality and accuracy. We are really lucky to have Kathy (Engberg), Catherine (Cummins), Monalisa (Ward), Alison (Trafas), Maureen (Bykerk) and Staci (Freeman) keeping the wheels turning,” she said.

K-Earth announcer Dave Randall, a CSULB alum who filled in for regular host Gary Bryan, interviewed Leever on-air. For more about the event, go to K-Earth’s website.

Nursing Staff Recognized as K-Earth Radio’s Office of the Day
Guests at the K-Earth radio “Office of the Day” event included Beth Keely at front; and rear, from left, Ramon Gomez, Monalisa Ward, Catherine Mullins, Kathy Engberg, Alison Kliachko-Trafas, Staci Freeman, Dianne Leever, Faron Hines, Anna Woertler, Savitri Singh-Carlson, K-Earth radio personality Antonio, Maureen Bykerk, and school chair Lucy Huckabay.