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Author of the Month: Najib Redouane

Published: April 15, 2011

Ombres confuses du temps

Najib Redouane, professor of French and Francophone studies, Russian, German and Romance Languages

Ombres confuses du temps (Confused Shadow of Time) from Montréal-based Du Marais Editions is the latest book of poetry from Redouane, an expert in ‘Littératures de la Francophonie’ from the South (Africa, French Antilles and Maghreb) and Québec. Since joining the university in 1999, he has published, over the years, 15 books of literary criticism. Among them, as sole author or editor, are Diversité Littéraire en Algérie, Vitalité littéraire au Maroc, Clandestins dans le texte maghrébin de langue française, Écriture féminine au Maroc. Continuité et évolution, Francophonie Littéraire du Sud. Un divers singulier (Afrique, Maghreb, Antilles), Rachid Mimouni: entre littérature et engagement, Rachid Mimouni and Tahar Bekri. He also was senior co-editor of Ahmed Beroho, Assia Djebar, Malika Mokeddem, Algérie: Nouvelles Écritures 1989 en Algérie: rupture tragique ou rupture féconde, Parcours féminin dans la littérature marocaine d’expression française, and La Traversée du français dans les signes littéraires et artistiques marocains.

He has also authored several articles on Francophone literature. His latest ones are “Du roman au film : Enjeux du Maghreb à l’écran”, Intertext, (Moldavie), Nr. 1/2 (13/14), annl. 4, 2010, pp. 21-36 and “Crise identitaire et bilinguisme littéraire chez Vassilis Alexakis” in Les Écrivains du Sud-Est Européen en quête d’identité, (Université Spiru Haret), Editura Fundatiei România de Mâine, Bucarest, Romania, 2010, pp. 32-40. His new book on Gérard Étienne is in press at Éditions l’Harmattan, Paris, France.

In the area of creative writing, six books of his poetry have been published. In 2009, he wrote Lumière fraternelle (in fond memory of Canado-Haitian Jewish novelist and poet Gérard Étienne) and Ce Soleil percera-t-il les nuages dedicated to Barack Obama. This poetry book has been translated into English and Spanish and both will be published soon. “His first three poetry books, Songes brisés,Paroles éclatées and Le Blanc de la parole, published in 2008, were based on a reflection of his life since his departure from his Moroccan hometown of Marrakech and after many years in Canada and in the U.S. “I started to look into my past,” he said. “Every book of poetry I write represents a moment in time. Nothing is invented. Everything is real. Whenever I experience something, good or bad, I thrive to transform it into poetic language.”

Redouane has been chief editor, for 10 years, chief editor of the Le Maghreb Littéraire (Canadian literary Journal on North African francophone literature) and presently he is an associate editor for the American prestigious journal The French Review.

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