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Resident Director Positions, Wang Family Stipends Available Through CSU International Programs

Published: November 1, 2010

International Programs (IP) is the system wide study-abroad program of the CSU that provides students with international academic opportunities in the framework of a CSU degree program. IP is affiliated with more than 50 universities and other institutions of higher education in 18 countries. Currently in its 48th year of continuous operation, IP has been recognized for its academic excellence by organizations such as the Council on Learning and the Western Association of School and Colleges. With a special focus on academic-year studies, IP is a unique part of the spectrum of study-abroad opportunities available to CSU students. IP’s guiding principle is that students should be immersed in the academic and living environment of their host countries. Accordingly, all instruction is offered by recognized host universities or by distinguished host country faculty.

Programs available include Resident Director (RD) positions and Wang Family Scholarship Faculty Stipends.

Resident Director positions represent one of the best chances within the CSU to work and live for a year in China, France, Italy, Japan, or Spain (Israel is currently suspended). As a faculty member appointed to be RD, you have the advantage of close advising and mentoring relationships with CSU students in the study centers, professional faculty contacts in the host country, and administrative experience abroad and at home.

Individuals are eligible to apply if they are tenured or tenure track faculty in a full-time teaching or administrative position (FERP faculty are not eligible), hold an appropriate terminal degree for the candidate’s discipline, have appropriate overseas experience and foreign language skills.

CSU Trustee Stanley T. Wang established The Wang Family Scholarship in 2000 to provide an opportunity to talented and distinguished faculty and students who will profit from an international learning experience and use this knowledge to contribute to business and personal relations between the United States, China (Taiwan) and China (mainland). The scholarship recognizes the financial limitations of potential participants and provides an opportunity to experience the possibilities of the global market.

The faculty component of The Wang Family Scholarship provides four $10,000 stipends designated to be used for research or teaching at the National Taiwan University in China (Taiwan), the National Tsinghua University in China (Taiwan), Peking University in Beijing or Jiao Tung University in Shanghai. Successful applicants may be involved in both research and teaching at their host universities. It is expected that the funded activity (research or teaching) will be the primary focus of the successful applicant.

To be eligibile for faculty stipends, individuals must be full-time tenured or have a tenure-track faculty appointment at a CSU campus with Ph.D. or appropriate terminal degree and have a formal invitation from one of the designated universities. Former Wang stipend recipients are not eligible.

For additional information or specific application instructions, go to the CSU International Programs website.