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Byrom, Washington Receive Early Academic Career Awards

Published: August 16, 2010

Andrew Byrom


Awardee portrait
Andrew Byrom

If anyone ever asks you what type of person is Andrew Byrom, tell them he is not a type of person, he is an expert in type. Period.

As a trained graphic designer, he specializes in typographic layout and typeface design. He has more than 13 years of experience working for such high-end clients in the United States and Europe as Penguin Books, the Industrial Design Centre, the Guardian Newspaper, McGraw Hill, Routledge Publishing, the Goethe-Institut, the British Academy of Composers and Songwriters, the New York Times Magazine and Kimberly-Clark.

His work has been honored with certificates of excellence from the two leading graphic design organizations in the U.S., the American Institute of Graphic Arts and the Type Directors Club.

“It is a major milestone in my career to have been honored by both these institutions in consecutive years,” he said.

His work has been exhibited in 15 shows in such major design venues as Paris, Beijing, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. He has been seen in 14 graphic design books, 12 national and international design-related magazines. He has delivered papers at five international design venues on his experimental approach to typography and the related teaching methods he developed at CSULB.

This level of activity hasn’t kept him from staying connected with his campus including his service as area head of Graphic Design. His excellence as a teacher was confirmed recently when one of his students won first prize in the Type Directors Student Competition 2010 with a design created in Byrom’s Advanced Typography class.

Thomas Alex Washington

Social Work

Awardee portrait
Thomas Alex Washington

Thomas Alex Washington is many things, including a doctor of social work, a past faculty member of Maryland’s Morgan State University and a member of CSULB’s School of Social Work. But what he is not is someone who lets the professional grass grow under his feet.

Since joining CSULB two years ago, Washington has submitted five research grant proposals, two of which have been selected for funding. He had six peer-reviewed manuscripts accepted for publication and has co-edited special issues of two peer-reviewed professional journals (Health and Social Work and the Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services). He has presented at four professional conferences, including one International Social Work Conference held in Cairo, Egypt, and served on the editorial board of two peer-reviewed social work journals.

Washington’s interests involve implementing and examining the effectiveness of HIV prevention intervention programs developed for special populations. He is a senior research fellow with the National Center for Health Behavioral Change and a faculty affiliate at the Morgan-Johns Hopkins Center for Health Disparities Solutions in Baltimore. Washington serves on the Community Planning Group for the state of California Office of AIDS, which provide community perspectives, advice and recommendations to the California Department of Public Health, Center for Infectious Diseases and Office of AIDS in the planning, developing, and allocating resources for a comprehensive, client-centered continuum of prevention, care, treatment, and other support services. He received an Underrepresented Minority Research Award from the National Institute of Mental Health Research on AIDS Office.

Moreover, Washington has extensive experience teaching research methods, statistics and human development at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. His teaching is guided by the ancient Chinese proverb, “Tell me, I will forget; show me, I may remember; but involve me and I will understand.”

–Richard Manly
Photos by Robert Freligh