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Nominations to Serve on the Campus Climate Committee

Published: April 15, 2010

The CSULB Academic Senate is calling for nominations to serve on the Campus Climate Committee, whose mission is to promote mutual respect and tolerance of diversity in all its forms.

In the performance of its charge, the committee:

• Performs periodic needs assessments of the campus climate.

• Recommends specific actions to improve the campus climate to the president via the Academic Senate in a timely fashion as needs are identified.

• Monitors the campus climate and the implementation of recommended actions and reports to the president annually via the Academic Senate.

• Encourages, endorses and participates in university educational programs that promote an increased understanding of equity and diversity issues.

Individuals interested in serving on this committee or who wish to nominate someone should complete the application form and return it to the Academic Senate Office, Academic Services-123, by Friday, April 16.

For more information or to get a nomination form, call the Academic Senate at 562/985-4149 or visit its Web site.