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Deadline Nears for Nomination of Candidates for Academic Senate

Published: March 15, 2010

The Academic Senate is a full-University Senate which concerns itself with many needs of the university by developing policies and serving as a communications link between the faculty and the campus administration. It includes not only faculty in its voting membership but also representatives from the staff, students, student services, and administration.

The Senate meets twice a month during the academic year. There are five staff seats on the Academic Senate (one of which is held by the current chair of Staff Council). The staff Academic Senators are elected at-large by the staff electorate for a three-year term. The terms of the following two Academic Senators expire at the conclusion of the 2009-10 Academic year:
–Fred Neely, Forty-Niner Shops, 2007-10
–Marilee Samuelson, Academic Advising, 2007-10

The continuing staff members on the Academic Senate are:
–Nathan Jensen, Center for International Education and Global Engagement 2008-11
–Leah Nieto, Enrollment Services 2008-11

Chair of Staff Council (serves term of office, can vary from one to three years)

If you are interested in being a staff Academic Senator, please complete the Statement of Qualifications/Interest Form located on the Staff Council Web site and return it to Berta Hanson, interim chair, Nominating Committee, Staff Council, Brotman Hall, Room 335 by Thursday, March 18. Or you can fax the form to extension 562/985-8757. To qualify, nominees must be full-time and permanent in any staff classification at CSULB. The candidates must receive a majority of the valid votes cast in order to be seated and must have their supervisor’s permission to serve.

If you have any questions, please contact Berta Hanson.