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Employee of the Month: Jessica Vieira

Published: February 15, 2010

Jessica Vieira, a staff member in the College of Education at CSULB, was named by her co-workers recently as the campus’ Employee of the Month.

Vieira, a single-subject advisor and assistant to the coordinator for the college’s Single Subject Credential Program, was recognized in a special ceremony held on Friendship Walk near the University Student Union, which was renamed Jessica Vieira Lane for the month.

CSULB President F. King Alexander praised Vieira for her dedication to the College of Education. “She is always willing to help students and faculty,” he said. “She is able to use her experience and knowledge to help students, having been through the credential program herself. She is great to work with, very professional and hard-working.”

A resident of Long Beach, Vieira appreciated receiving the honor. “It’s nice to know hard work is recognized, especially by my co-workers,” she said.

Vieira feels one reason for her recognition is her work helping the Single Subject Credential Program cope with budget cuts. “We are currently short staffed in our office so I’ve been wearing two hats since October,” she said. “As part of that, I work a lot with students and get to know their problems.”

Vieira learned the student point of view when she joined the campus in 2001 as part of the Integrated Teacher Education Program. On her way to her bachelor’s degree in liberal studies with a multiple subject teaching credential in 2006 and a master’s in curriculum and instruction in 2009, she served three years in the Associated Students’ government as a senator for the College of Education as well as working with STARS/SOAR. “Student government led to my career path,” she pointed out.

It’s when students run into speed bumps on their own paths that Vieira taps into her CSULB experience. “They come in with everything from getting or not getting classes to needing to know how to petition for an exception to policy,” she explained. “Students have questions and it is up to me to find the answers. Sometimes it’s nice to see a student at my door who doesn’t have a problem, but when they come to me with questions and issues, I am there to help.”

The variety of student issues guarantees a busy office. “We don’t have typical days here,” said Vieira. “I’ve never known an average day.”

Jessica Vieira
Photo by David J. Nelson
Jessica Vieira

Still, she finds it helps to make lists. “I’m a big list person,” she said. “Part of the reason I am is that it feels so good to cross things off. I find it very therapeutic to sit down every morning and make a list of priorities about what needs doing that day. Then someone walks in the door and I throw away the list.”

Vieira received several gifts with her recognition including a CSULB sweatshirt, a $25 gift certificate to the Yard House, a $10 gift certificate to The Beach Club Sports Bar and Grill, a coupon for the Original Tommy’s World Famous Hamburgers and a coupon for one free Whopper from Burger King.

–Richard Manly