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Employee of the Month: Nancy Walker

Published: October 15, 2009

Nancy Walker, an assistant in the University Library, was recently named by her coworkers as employee of the month.
Walker, who joined the campus in 1999, saw her recognition as a potential point of light in an otherwise dark time.

“In the midst of furloughs and lowering morale, it is a definite bright moment to be honored, especially considering all the great co-workers I’ve been blessed to work alongside,” she said.

President F. King Alexander praised Walker for her can-do attitude. “Nancy always has a positive attitude,” he said. “She is a problem solver who has exceptional skills dealing with faculty, staff and students. She is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done with a smile.”

Walker began her career at CSULB as an emergency hire in the University Library. She has risen from an administrative support assistant to her current position as a Library Assistant I.

“I came to work at CSULB because I was working quite unhappily at my previous job,” said Walker. “Library Dean Roman Kochan happened to stop in, and as I was helping him, he must have taken notice of the frantic pace and conditions I was working under and gotten a sense of how terribly underappreciated I was feeling because he handed me a card and told me that if I wanted to find better working conditions, I should give him a call. God bless him for that.”

Her job requires plenty of people skills. “Like most, I have many daily responsibilities pertaining to my job, but my favorite and probably most important duty is assisting our CSULB students, faculty and staff with all of their library needs,” she said. “The main challenge I face daily within this vastly diverse campus community is to ensure that every patron is being assisted efficiently with equal amounts of courtesy, patience and helpfulness.”

Walker feels it’s important to understand more about CSULB than the library alone. “Because the library is such a hub for the university, it’s important for me to have a good working knowledge of the entire campus as well as all the library services we offer,” she said, “which is to say nothing of the people skills required when dealing with our patrons one-on-one.”

Nancy Walker
Photo by David J. Nelson
Nancy Walker

She has more links to the student community than a smile across a library service counter. “I work alongside a great group of staff members and student assistants,” she said. “We all work very hard together as a team to make the circulation desk the patron assisting unit it strives to be.”

When she isn’t helping the University Library to run smoothly, Walker enjoys baking, gardening and decorating her home to coincide with the seasons and holidays. “But my biggest joy comes from spending quality time with my family,” she said.

Her professional goals continue to be to advance as much as is possible while striving to be the best employee she can be. She’s glad she made the choice to join the university. “Without question, my job at the CSULB Library was a godsend at the perfect time in my life,” she said.

Walker received several gifts with her recognition as employee of the month including a CSULB sweatshirt, a $10 gift card for Finbars Italian kitchen, two tickets to BeauSoleil at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center, a $10 gift certificate to Katella Deli and a coupon for one free Whopper from Burger King.