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Laurels: August 2009

Published: August 17, 2009

Rick Behl, Geological Sciences, gave an invited lecture on May 25 at the Laboratoire de Sciences de la Terre CNRS-ENS-Université de Lyon, France, on “Utilisation de la tectonique active à allonger l’ultra-haute-détaillé histoire du changement climatique à la Quaternaire, Santa Barbara Basin, USA.”

Lesley Farmer, Advanced Studies in Education and Counseling, and graduate student Nora Murphy, co-authored the chapter “Girls and Gaming Engagement: Optimizing Gender Equity in School Libraries” for the 2009 Spring Publisher’s Educational Media and Technology Yearbook (Vol. 34). Farmer presented at four American Library Association programs during the annual conference, which was held in Chicago mid July. She spoke about educational research trends at the ERIC forum, about the use of wikis and other web 2.0 tools for library education at the Educators of Library Media Specialists Section session, and about connecting with international professional organizations at both the International Relations session and at the Research Libraries Forum. Farmer also gave a paper on “Culturally-Sensitive E-Learning Practices for Engineering Education” at the WSEAS International Conference on Engineering Education held in Rhodes, Greece.

Martin Fiebert, Psychology, published an article titled “Speculation Regarding the Posing of Freud in the Group Photograph at the Third International Psychoanalytic Conference” in the May issue of The Open Psychology Journal.

Steve Fleck, Romance/German/Russian Languages and Literatures, delivered a conference paper titled “Paradox and Play as Keys to Molière’s Comedies: An Evolutionary Perspective” on June 19 at the International Society for Humor Studies held at CSULB. He also published an article titled “Farce, Parody and Cliché in Late Molière” in Origines/Origins published by Gunter Narr, Tübingen, Germany.

Lionel Mandy, Africana Studies, published an article in the Association of Thought Field Therapy Update on his sojourn with an organization of traditional healers, known as The Association for the Promotion of Traditional Medicine, located in Fatick, Senegal, in March and April.

John P. Murray, Advanced Studies in Education and Counseling, recently saw published “New Faculty Members’ Perceptions of the Academic Work Life” in D. R. Buckholdt & G. E. Miller (Eds.), Faculty Stress (pp. 107-128) from Routledge in New York.

Christine M. Rodrigue, Geography, had a chalk drawing, “Owl,” published as the chapter banner for a teen-oriented gothic mystery novel, The Curse of the Moonless Knight, by Kristin Groulx (Tenth Muse Books). The drawing is housed at .

Ray Stefani, Electrical Engineering, chaired a session and presented a paper titled “The Case Against Ultimate Athletic Performance” at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications Sport 2009 held at Groningen, Holland, June 17-19.

Barry Steiner, Political Science, published an article titled “Diplomatic Mediation as an Independent Variable” in International Negotiation, XIV (2009), 7-40.

David Tabb Stewart, Religious Studies, took two of his students, Glenn Marchand Jr. and Amanda Pants, to the 9th Annual “Reacting to the Past” Summer Institute at Barnard College in New York City. They presented and preceptored the academic game, “The Josianic Reform: Deuteronomy, Prophecy, and Israelite Religion,” co-authored by Stewart. Faculty and administrators from around the country played the game for two days.

Victor C. X. Wang, Professional Studies, recently saw two books co-published by Zhejiang University Press in Hangzhou, China, and Information Science Reference in Pennsylvania: Assessing and Evaluating Adult Learning in Career and Technical Education and Definitive Readings in the History, Philosophy, Practice and Theories of Career and Technical Education. Wang has three other books due for publication in this fall. Excluding those, he has published eight books since January, each peer-reviewed via a double-blind review process. Reviewers come from such universities as Teachers’ College, Columbia University, Ohio State University, the University of Tennessee, Auburn University, Penn State University, the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and Kansas State University. Two full professors from CSULB, Janice Frates, Health Care Administration, and Lesley Farmer, Advanced Studies in Education, were also invited to be reviewers for three of Wang’s books in 2009. Farmer contributed nine peer-reviewed chapters to four of Wang’s books including a two-volume (1,028 pages) handbook of research on E-learning applications in career and technical education titled Technologies for Vocational Training.