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University Print Shop, Quick Copy Combining into One Location

Published: July 15, 2009

The University Print Shop and Quick Copy announced that they will be combining under one roof, located at the Print Shop facility on Palo Verde. The change will bring about a more efficient operation in order to continue and serve the campus community in the best ways possible.

There will continue to be a drop-off point for orders at the current location in BH 178, as well as the Purchasing Office in BH 346. All production and customer service will now be at 562/985-4501 and its mail stop remains the same at MS 6601.

The University Print Shop recognizes the need for sustainability and “going green” and to achieve that goal, it has been working on several projects. It is now 100 percent chemical free in its plate making process, all of its printing plates are generated from its computer-to-plate system which not only outputs high-quality plates, but does so with just a water wash system — no chemical developers. In addition, nearly 100 percent of its printing inks will be vegetable/soy based by year’s end, and shop chemicals exceed the stringent AQMD low VOC (volatile organic compounds) requirements.

Print Shop

And, more than 80 percent of the papers used in the print shop are recycled and/or have green certifications. They are made at plants with 100 percent of its power acquired from alternate sources or have neutral carbon footprints.

If you have any questions, contact University Print Shop Manager Mike Sternfeld at 562/985-4501.